1. Greg Young

    I'm LOLing at Mark having so much fun with this game. It's also kinda funny to see him become a typical bureaucrat.

  2. ant cow123

    Speaking of 'Wild tiger' that's a drink in the middle east. Its a cigarette in drink form.

  3. adildospider

    The fact that this has 91million views is astonishing and crazy

  4. Sxlent Edxtor

    * All My Information Here *

  5. David Hombach

    Did anyone else almost cry when mark started to cry lol

  6. Macho Opresor

    📚here,my papers

  7. JhongYT

    Surprisingly, Mark is doing a great job but he does screams of agony on every single mistake he makes no matter how little it is.

  8. Your Man Alex Smith

    Great editing on this one

  9. toast

    mark don't walk in hot springs even besides the poison they could be like thousands of degrees withuot boiling

    1. toast

      (yellowstone type not warm bath type)

  10. Dr. Pepper

    The irony that Jack's catchphrase is "Speed is key" but he's the careful one in his playthrough While Mark is the one speedrunning through the game (although poorly it's still speedrunning)

  11. Sabotage

    Here is parts of a true story first of Younger brother + Metal fork + electrical socket = bad my brother stuck a metal fork into an electrical socket and then it shocked him

  12. Simpbox

    [insert legal info here]

  13. Eunjo jo

    Omygosh he should do Flordia next

  14. Cheesy Marie

    Even if I did put my papers in the comments he probably wouldn't be able to notice the incorrect info and I'd get through

  15. McKnight

    This confirms it. Mark should be banned from working at boarder control Lol 😂

  16. bokies cheese stick

    Yes I am citizen 😌 🧾

  17. Princess Kenny

    Why do Mark and I have a similar sense of humor?

  18. Galaxy

    this is my homepage 95% of the time (iam canadian)

  19. Moist Ass


  20. Bakugo Katsuki

    I’m pretty sure it saves each day so you can restart from any day you wish. So then you can redo your mistake with the order dude what ever his name was, you can let him in with a citation as well as the other dude too.

  21. i0verlord

    i0verlord is allowed to be in this comment section by the order of UK president

  22. Derrick Tyler

    Passport: *image here* Social security number: ***-**-**** Travel visa: *image here* Work visa: *image here* This information is only for Mark and Mark alone. Do as you will Mark!

  23. Irene Tuazon


  24. Nathan Timermanis

    Are you going to be playing resident evil 8?

  25. theearlystrike41

    Shut. Up. ..Mr. Foddy.

  26. Chaotic Artistry

    Pop daddy cheese when i teet it.... WHaT ThE HeLl

  27. ZeFoxii

    I’d love to see more of this

  28. Daeun

    불고기 bulgogi is not korean barbeque meat, it's a different dish, it is usually made of seasoned beef or sometimes pork, and you don't cook them on a grill like korean barbeque does.

  29. Triqqxy

    i needed this

  30. i_myztik

    I’ve been waiting for Mark to finally make this.

  31. Kimipotpot

    so this game has voice chat or u guys using discord?

  32. Bill nye the german spy

    Name: hairless monke Date of birth: I'm a monke Height: 5'9 Description: OOOHHOHOHOOO Work permit ______________ Occupation: ooohooho Duration: Ohio eehoo Expiration date: OHHHOO _______________ MONKE WANT TO USE BRAAAINN

  33. EchoL0C0

    14:09 "Oh, police, not soldier." Me, in the U.S.: What's the difference?

  34. t00buff8

    5:52 reading the captions, i imagined purple guy with a sombrero and a guitar on his back and holding maracas each on hand.

  35. Tabasco Sauce

    Nobody: Jack when he played Papers, Please: 18:25

  36. Nefinit15

    I like how mark is hoping for bribe offers lmao

  37. Lexie K

    I have emailed entry papers to correct Arstotzkan administrative office. However, there is incorrect apostrophe in description and I will have to deny you entry for the error. Glory to Arstotzka.

  38. Eri Fox

    Markiplier: Do astronauts have sex? Also Markiplier: WHAT!? That's what I wanna know!! Me: I never thought about it before, but Noice w I want to know too.

  39. Chaos Wolf

    I forgot to say welcome to hell

  40. DeMoN_sLaYeR-_-4


  41. denvera1g1

    5:09 WHAT HELIVABOSS HAS EPISODES NOW phuck this video i'm a bounce on over there. ok, maybe in 17 minutes i'll check them out

  42. Levi Eggink

    So I’m a Christian and I also had nightmares all the time and so did my brother but what didn’t know is that every night he prayed to god to protect him and my mom and me did it and I’m not kidding it actually worked

  43. screaming irish man

    Mark... if you dont have any money just sell your gaming pc. stewpeid

  44. girlsngiggles

    Mark: "I still need to look out for Mikhail Saratov." Also Mark: *Denies Mikhail Saratov without even checking who he was.* Me: Apparentley you didn't look hard enough, Mark.😂😂😂

  45. Sophia B.

    Voila 📝📝📝 it’s all here

  46. Ishana Pajutan

    I am seriously jacksepticyes and marks biggest fan hope we can play phasmophobia some day

  47. Kyberkreeper

    Alternate title: Mistakes were made...

  48. Firetoutou

    He didnt check the freakin Ezic memo ...

  49. tystys 800

    The order knows

  50. Lia Watkins

    The order is no good!

  51. 100 Ka

    Have you tried HUfast FR ? I'm french love your videos

  52. Kristina Kaldas

    is anyone else just re watching this series? no, just me, okay. 😭

  53. TheOGMachine

    -------------- United States of America Name: Marble Age: Melons Reason for visit: Penis -------------- Am I good?

  54. FlourToast

    I liked the video before it loaded I felt threatened severely by the thumbnail

  55. Evolutia

    I laughed so hard I got a six pack abs

  56. Kai in Space

    Mark: *sees both Bonnie and Foxy in hallway* Mark: Ah okay Bonnie is here Foxy: and I took that personally-

  57. Porcelain Doll

    I... yes, have paperwork... real papers. Not fake. *slides a single dollar across counter*

  58. Michael Kugley

    SO ur telling me he just did this for 1hr

  59. Jakob Staley

    damn, I was really hoping he was gonna live with the consequences! Save scumming ruins the fun of the havoc that is Papers Please

  60. i am QueenBee

    “Am I permitted passage?”

  61. MrSaturn619

    A wild karen has appeared, and is detained.

  62. timtheinvader

    Did he give the wrong document out ?

  63. The Radiance

    1:05 to 1:16 / markiplier pog

  64. R4TCHino 237

    lol sorry i thought it was my taser

  65. toast

    *find warmth* Mark: okay lol *walks past a recently torn to shreds still steaming caracass and goes to the horror section*

  66. Arghadeep Das

    Cant upload media files in comments

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    Ok my papers My name is Cody Brandt and here is my ticket I’m here to stay subscribed forever on the Channel of markiplier and my paperwork saying I’m eligible hope they get approved🤞

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    *gives papers*

  69. the yellow Zombie

    "Lixian got arrested" is the next video

  70. xevious21

    Oh man. This game isn't for anyone with either memory issues or a short attention span.

  71. Allison MuddyOrbs Studio

    Wait no I was looking for Frozen 2 this isn't Frozen 2--

  72. Unknown User

    you kinda sound like nightmare!sans or shattered!sans or just plain darkiplier

  73. A Confused Person

    I'm Canadian and watch dumb shit like this, also... nice that you're in Canada

  74. Potatoman_9000

    yay Canada

  75. Kenneth Hong

    The editing done to show Mark’s mistake: Amazing, very cinematic.

  76. Nostalgia Gaming

    Me: My papers are in order, good sir...

  77. jason Baxley

    Dumb joke but they had marks filling in their mouth and they liked it

  78. A Canadian Fox

    Passport: *not for you*

  79. Leiya Donahue

    I was born in Fulþarīa, Mars

  80. Suga Suga

    The like and Subscribe button is my identification.