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    Ronald committed a Sponge Massacre in a Quiet Basement! It's 3 Scary Games!!
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    1. Mr. Turtle

      6:09 the way he "screamed" made me choke on my tea

    2. Naomi Van Dijk

      3 scary games in 30 mins,will people have a big jumscare of a giant heart attack...litteraly i have had 1000 heart attacks n this as well as #54 im watching this at 16:30 Q1:Are you afraid of the dark? Q2:Are you scared when you are in a dark place and you look behind you?

    3. Jorge Vintro Quintela

      If you destroy the water, use flex tape :)

    4. Kairo Schmitz

      “All you do is startle” Man just described most horror game monsters in one sentence

    5. Deacon Skratter

      wasn't the best idea to watch this at 2:00 am

    6. r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

      anyone noticed Spongebob has a fish on the wall?... that's like a person, putting another person on the wall... creepy

    7. Eri 00

      Its like every time mark plays a horror game he turns into a schizophrenic owl-

    8. MouseyTrap

      Yo spunchbing be acting a lil' sus ngl

    9. microwave noises

      i spilled my milk at the 4:44 one :(

    10. The0neEyed0wI

      *Sweet! A Markiplier sex doll!*

    11. Ricardo Hillier

      I like it when he said gibe gibe gibe as give for the key

    12. Jennifer Stein

      30:13 Veronica?

    13. Karma

      Poblito has come to kidnap you 0:05

    14. Lovro Ajduk

      Let's take a moment to say how handsome Mark is

    15. zach ???


    16. Febrian Lingga

      15:54 XD

    17. Avrenim Crewshank

      5:14 Mark, you are having a stroke-

    18. Little Kitty

      What was the fuck was happening with his eyeballs?!

    19. Ronald Menard


    20. s0up


    21. VINSTEN GT

      I enjoy watching horror games coz mark makes them better

    22. Bean Babe

      Hes finally lost it

    23. Jerry Kirkpatrick

      Is this still brokeded? ᴏʜ ʏᴇs ɪᴛ ɪs ᴍᴀʀᴋ ɪᴛs sᴛɪʟʟ ʙʀᴏᴋᴇᴅᴇᴅ

    24. Megan Misaki

      9 people 🤔?

    25. Rock freak

      Me sitting in my grandmas janky ass 100 year old basement that’s frighteningly similar to the basement in the game and is famously haunted in the family :) this is fine

    26. Jinx

      Mark: E *dangerous flashbacks begin*

    27. Oats

      Oats Approved

    28. jay !

      got punched into an advert....

    29. Alexander Ashby

      22:11 Hey bud i think you missed something there... Edit: Lol i knew he didn't know he needed it because a bit later he says he is not sure what he needs to do but its still funny that he missed it lol.

    30. Mohamed .B

      15:55 Joe Rogan just casually shooting sponges and collecting krabby patties deep inside a pineapple house located underwater

    31. Ashiro Sasaki

      What is with the fascination with Spongebob horror games

    32. Like ghosts in the snow

      Mark: Dayum this water lookin _thicc_ Me: **sad timer noises**

    33. Aidan Christopher

      Mark: ooh, Pumpkin Scarecrow: wiggle wiggle, B*tch

    34. Haley Hoffman

      Turns out that Ronald is just a Markiplier fan

    35. Dark Side &

      No one: legitimately no one: Mark: WaTer tHicK

    36. Willowick 93


    37. Bulbo Baggins

      27:03 don’t try it, I got a lifetime ban from my local McDonald’s for trying that

    38. Just Works

      24:42 actually fscared me.

    39. Jhanh P

      “mr crabs”

    40. Bakugo Katsukii-_-

      Just thinking about when mark was sitting there moving his eyes, without editing he was literally just sitting there looking around the room with a dumb look on his face 😂

    41. Billy Mi

      911 dislikes

    42. The Doctor

      suspicious OMG HES THE IMPOSTER

    43. VANZINO

      i just want know how he do all that montage !!!!!

    44. Dante Hawkins

      how ironic that the ads that popped up during the video is "can't sleep? do this"😂

    45. MoonGangster

      10,802nd comment!

    46. Mia Toppin

      0:5 I hear the Fnaf moans😂

    47. Leviathan

      23:56 What never happened?

    48. basic bridging

      22:22 yeah that's totally not su- **reverts image** AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    49. Lizardman STL.

      Dark messiah is really dark

    50. Lizardman STL.

      Scary games are great

    51. Árni Snorrason

      i love all your videos wii you ples e marry my om i love you markiplier will you plese be my dad plese i dont want guåmund i just want want someone to love me

    52. OceanCori

      mark : *finds a creepy distorted figure in a dark basement* also mark: COME AT ME BITCH I CAN FIGHT YOU YOUR NOT BETTER THAN ME NO YOUR NOT

    53. Cheerios

      I'll be honest, the scary games that you play are really great, i love watching you play them, but the first game when the door opened, I actually jumped. And if im being completely honest, thats the first time in a bit so good job to the creator for that

    54. Jeremy Robinson

      The doll at the beginning of the video made me scream and laugh for some odd reason 😂

    55. VicProductions

      Video: 3 scary games. HUfast Labels: FNAF it is.

    56. Craftable_Senses

      Wait in the first game is it a time loop because it just crossed my mind that he locked himself in there and then he chased his self

    57. SaTuRoChAn

      spongebob and ronald got me at some spots XD always these jumpscares XDD

    58. finstrike7

      "Uhhh, this is; Officer Iplier, requesting backup: Immediately..."

    59. T Traumatic Experiences

      What’s with the eyes I’m scared

    60. Odd

      *Sees demon* everyone else: RUN mark: LETS FIGHT BOY!

    61. somerandomweeb_42

      I know why the monster locked Markiplier in the door when he gets locked in the monster escapes and you get stuck there slowly going insane like the monster did and someone else walks in and its a cycle happening over and over.

    62. Esmeralda Contreras

      Barbiplier 0:05

    63. Alec Willey

      “Silence Will Fall” I can’t be the only one who was blasted back to 2010-2013

    64. Willow Dillon

      He turned into an owl there

    65. Darkfox 369

      Cant we just stop to admire how Cute Mark looks with his glasses😁

    66. Reacting with Qaysar

      He is sooo funny

    67. Dio Webster

      Mark just punched me into an audible ad

    68. Call-me-Gir-

      Mark is a chameleon confirmed.

    69. Justin Lacombe

      That Ronald AI is way too difficulty to work around.

    70. Mr Vanilla

      I spoke to soon

    71. Mr Vanilla

      Mcdonald's game gives me slendy vibes.

    72. Genesis Gonzalez

      WHY AGAIN DO 88000 or 8

    73. Kimberly Urban

      Can you please play maid of sker!!! It looks so scary!!!

    74. Foxy- 101

      Everytime he says Ron I think of Ron Weasley from harry potter hahaha

    75. Foxy- 101

      Htf does he do that with his eyes.

    76. 11Ø

      He’s the funniest HUfastr when he’s scared 😂😂

    77. Hit Girl

      That was probably the creepiest SpongeBob SquarePants indie horror game I ever saw. 😂 Plankton was being tortured. 😂

    78. Call-me-Gir-

      Who else checked to see if the candles were new or not by going back in the video?

    79. GreenTea

      "You broke the water" Pipe: my disappointment was immeasurable and my day is ruined

    80. Rita S


    81. straight jacket

      silence will fall? (flashback to a blue policebox in 2010) (non markiplier related, sorry for the inconvinience. you wouldnt get it and it would take too long to explain.)

    82. SpecMewOps2007

      0:03 Dear god no, mark started watching james charles. NO NOT MY BOY!! CURSE YOU JAMES CHARLES!!😭

    83. Braxton Reid

      Do all remember the Mac Donald hash browns

    84. RubRub and coco Stuff

      -29:33 YEP

    85. RubRub and coco Stuff

      Mark: seems good JUMPSCARE Mark: AHHH S*** OH GOD

    86. Ash Fire

      the reason ghosts irl don't kill people is because then they'd be ghosts and that'd be really awkward

      1. Large Boi

        @Benjamin Oechsli appearing frequently to? Shit, guess I’ve been haunting my family

      2. Benjamin Oechsli

        @Large Boi "On this episode of ***Ghost Stalkers***..." (The verb "to haunt" is defined as "visiting habitually or appearing frequently to." By the latter option, it's possible? Maybe?)

      3. Large Boi

        @Benjamin Oechsli is it really haunting a ghost if you’re a ghost too? Sounds more like ghost assault to me

      4. Benjamin Oechsli

        Absolutely. If I got turned into a ghost by a ghost, I'd spend eternity haunting the ghost that killed me. Jerk.

    87. Wcat03blu

      The last one looked like a movie, jeez

    88. realnamation

      'mac goddamn donalds

    89. Maddi Bird

      Did anyone else notice the letters E.T. on the door? Go to 2:24

    90. Saeed Baig

      12:21 - Police pulling a black guy over for speeding

    91. BenBoy

      3 SCARY GAMES #67: 00:00 [Intro] 00:18 [Introduction] 00:41 The Basement 11:34 Sponge Massacre 19:42 Ronald 30:57 [Ending] 31:28 [Outro]

    92. Chimmy

      i shit my pants from this 😰😰💔💔💔💔💔

    93. Fallout: Rise, for the enclave!

      So.. we’re not going to talk about lixian’s/lunky‘s seamless editing?

    94. Wolfie Gacha

      Is it just me, or is that water looking a little,,, *THICC*

    95. Lee Anderson

      Mark: This water's gettin THIIICK Me: *Thinks about basement full of Thick-It*

    96. The Amazin Taco

      Mark: starts calling out ronnald’s name with various spelling Anyone who does: RoNaLdInO sOcCeR

    97. Hybrid

      Who made markiplier into a life sized Barbie doll?

    98. Compass Rosa

      0:03 man the uncanny valley is the scariest shit above all...

    99. camryn slivinski

      Remember, he's used to doing shit like this! He started out his channel with constant horror game plays!