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    It's time for 3 Scary Games! Today we're playing TERRIFYING Sombiphobia, the CREEPY Lightkeeper, and the HORRIFYING Undiscovered House!
    EDITED BY ► LIXIAN hufast.info
    Somniphobia ► gamejolt.com/games/somniphobia/595808
    The Lightkeeper ► such-nick.itch.io/thelightkeeper
    Undiscovered House ► sysrebgames.itch.io/undiscovered-house-demo
    Scary Games Playlist ► hufast.info/top/PL3tRBEVW0hiBSFOFhTC5wt75P2BES0rAo.html
    Horror Outro ► soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted

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    1. Beatrice Dorian

      I love how Mark's reaction to seeing a shadowy figure at the end of the hall is to charge at it

    2. Slik91

      You made my childhood and I’m happy you’re still here love your HUfast videos and I hope you never stop

    3. Masen D'Amato

      To be honest the jump scares they put in never actually scare me, the only jump scares that scare me SOMETIMES is the ones in the games

    4. AJ TheWindWolf64

      Gonna be honest, the second jumps are got me.

    5. Joyce Logia

      I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning so my sisters don't call me a lazy slob and make my depression worse-

    6. egguhtoast

      That last one, I need to see more of it...

    7. Cameron Moles

      Somniphobia causes extreme anxiety and fear around the thought of going to bed. This phobia is also known as hypnophobia, clinophobia, sleep anxiety, or sleep dread. Sleep disorders can cause some anxiety around sleeping. jus so everyone knows have a good day

    8. Roth

      24:45 He lightkeeper.

    9. Deltater

      Guys lets get it to 69

    10. locomotivefaox

      32:15 DOOR STUCK

    11. RD Healthcare

      This is the first time I have dropped my phone from a jumpscare. Fascinating.

    12. Ghost Redz TV


    13. itsukizy

      just fyi this video isn’t on the scary games playlist

    14. Sandra04

      Hope he knows that the scares isn’t scary but funny and cute🥺

    15. •C H U B_C H U B •

      The jumpscare from the actual game got me shivering I was speaking in class to my teacher while watching this and Screamed:PATA MADRE"

    16. Niki Horrorshow

      Someone in that lighthouse wasn’t fond of the lobster 😔

    17. Alex C

      yet another FNAF game. Can those stop existing yet?

    18. Muhammad hamza

      All jump scares 5:30 (spooky weird thing) 12:40 (spooky music box) 12:43 (another spooky weird thing) 15:50 (a honk noise) 16:48 (another honk) 20:05 (a whisper) 21:16 (door gets locked and mark gets spooked) 22:39 (you get smacked) 23:43 (RUN) 25:54 (SWERVE) 26:40 (something in the window) 27:47 (loud piano sounds) 28:00 (mark gets spooked by sudden noise) 28:20 (thud) 29:16 (rocking chair) 29:58 (random object in behind door but has sudden spook sound when you see it to make you think its a person) 30:15 (on the run to chase person in house) 30:25 (gore warning in closet) 31:46 (SHADOW) 32:11 (spooky person outside door) 33:00 (leggies)

    19. Jeremiah

      I literally thought my sprite was pouring all over my bed 😂😂😂 from that liquid noise

    20. Meet Tamer Mike


    21. Duck McDuffin

      Sorry bug

    22. Duck McDuffin

      Z e oxAre you gonna be nasty dirty when your mommy comes

    23. DOGE MAN

      23:21 I don't say anythink

    24. The Wind Waking Hero


    25. Golden Heart

      Who else started to laugh in the jumpscares 😂✋

    26. Darvey Strozier

      I’m subscribed to markplier and markplier Murphy

    27. Hailey R

      4:21 reminds me of the old lady in that episode of spongebob that was like “Chocolate? I remember when they first invented chocolate” 😆

    28. kendall uchiha

      12:52 🙂

    29. KingRiot

      I love you vids

    30. 8 Teen

      I miss the scary compilations.

    31. Knut Røyseth

      Me thinking I'm about to get jumpscared, but I then see this: at 24:44

    32. Syarif Badaruđin

      1:06 Markiplier looks ugly when you screaming


      Me when I accidentally cutting someone off in traffic: 16:02

    34. Łäžÿ_Łümpÿ

      Omg that jump scare really scared the fuck out of me the first one 😱

    35. Morbid Mary

      OMG the background music i love that song, drunkin sailor. "way hey and up she rises way hey and up she rises earlie in the mornin"

    36. Xequilatina-lily

      The rocking chair REALLY got me there.

    37. Yeet Turkey

      23:12 Bro I just pissed my self

    38. Yeet Turkey

      Why'd I almost shit my pants at the first jumpscare even though I knew it was coming lol

    39. Megan Misaki

      25:55 Why they don’t make a Ford pinto anymore

    40. Water Dragon

      The shadow by the bathtub scared the shit out of me.

    41. Horror Sans

      Lixian's face in the beginning was f**king priceless 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Foxy- 101

      The first time mark died scared the hell out of me.

    43. Oats

      Oats Approved

    44. João Pedro Pipinel

      Ha! I didn't get scared on the first jumpscare

    45. MasterJohn

      Markiplier, i like the scary games series alot but i like the intensity of it... and not the jumpscares. could you please add jumpscare warnings? Edit: in subtitles perhaps

    46. Anime Spongebob

      Theres this game called Scrutinized Basically a murderer killed your cousin and you have to do police reports and either shred them or turn them in the wifi goes out and you have to close all the windows and there are jumpscares so keep the lights on to try and prevent that from happening cameras are installed in the front yard, back yard, and pointed towards the sidewalk so you know where this stalker guy is there are 3 modes that i forgot the name of and the amount of reports you turn in becomes greater and greater the further you go and if you turn in 3 false reports you get kidnapped by either the stalker or the weird bald headed dude

    47. Aidan Christopher

      Am I who gets scared by mark screaming and not the jumpscares?

    48. Boom BOOM

      Ngl the jumpscares were ineffective to me cause an ad plays in the middle of the jumpscares lmao

    49. Foam Flinging HS

      5:34 Marks reaction

    50. Victor

      The one time HUfast doesn't highlight this as a five nights at freddy's

    51. kill me

      27:05 Why was I expecting the fur Elise beat to drop 😔

    52. Luaca da squid

      DAMM YE! Yer fond of me lobster ain't ya!

    53. ꧁ Sadistic Raven ꧂

      I love the little thing that just sits there and watches. It’s cute honestly.. (the first game)

    54. Hoi Boi


    55. Sammi Turpin

      Someone started vacuuming upstairs the same moment the fog horn started. 😅 scared me so bad

    56. soup

      I'm waiting for that legendary number for the next horror games video 😏

    57. Solex_Power

      High Quality Radio: 8-bit pixelizes into the horizon.

    58. Ido Senn


    59. yee haw

      I'm watching this at 3:30 am and at 17:41 ish there's a sound in the back and i thought it was my mom, which is a 1000x times more terrifying than any jumpscare

    60. Sloppy joe 3607

      6:38 *french noises*

    61. Stacey

      Okay I’ll admit it... the first game got me :D

    62. Elizabeth Bolin

      Why is no one talking about the fact that Mark is calling skeletons Skellingtons? Is this a thing he's done before and I wasn't informed of? It's really funny.

    63. i am blue dody gaming a game

      Wish me luck

    64. PILOT5A

      markiplier: this is probably good truck: poor choice of words

    65. Mark Watson

      17:53 *has a whole damn stroke*

    66. Kyle Da Dragon

      5:34 This is the moment where keyboards get pushed away and phones go flying.

    67. Dr. Monster

      mark: w wopping 3 pixels me who watches videos in 144p: i dont see a difference

    68. Eater of Essence

      That fist one was legit terrifying

    69. Eater of Essence

      It was The Thing In The Wall, wasn’t it

    70. Kaylee Knutsen

      Mark: I wonder how I could've avoided that jumpscare, Every person watching: Don't open the door...

    71. Joel Hachat

      God bless!!!

    72. MoonGangster

      12,087th comment

    73. Marcos Aldana


    74. Sam Larsen

      "The Granny recipe"

    75. Mama Yaw

      'everything's always a demo' true

    76. Darvey Strozier

      Hi markplier

    77. Potato ;-;

      Note to self don’t watch videos with jump scares while eating spicy chips..

    78. **-Snap -**

      Plot twist the jumpscares where Marks different smiles...

    79. Shibe Lord

      "My lungs are wheezing my life is seizing the f-ing walls are melting. satan himself is telling me to invest in apple. why does he want me to buy apples?"

    80. KOGAMER 1356

      Well ima never eat cake watching mark play scary games, cake went everywhere

    81. Nolan Wilson

      Seltzer water and lemon for blood.

    82. Carl Hunt

      Doesn't the first game remind u of a FNAF 4

      1. Carl Hunt

        Mixed with FNAF1

    83. Cerpix


    84. Cerpix

      5:34 Man that jump scare got me pretty good i litteraly almost threw my laptop D:.

    85. Scrambled Ravioli

      i was expecting 4 games like the last other videos lol

    86. Marcus Ordaz

      5:35 brings me back so many years when Markiplier started playing FNAF

    87. ruth wachenfeld

      OH SHEET

    88. Teagan Napolitano

      “It’s coming” and boom

    89. Jak Bec

      Why’d ye spill yer beans Tommy?

    90. PrimeTime 4O1


    91. Zedrex

      That jumpscare in the 23:23 though...

    92. D0S81

      that stereo was Siren Head the whole time i reckon. People tend to forget that he can transform and disguise himself as other things. He be a tricky sun a ma bitch that Siren Head he be.

    93. That One Weeb

      I have social anxiety but what's funny is whenever there's jump scares it doesn't even startle me

    94. KittyShark33

      That last game looked great!

    95. BitterJoy Xx

      I mever normally jump at jumpscares, they don't scare me at all but I tell ya the jumpscares in the first game (Somniphobia) is very very good!

    96. coffin filler

      somniphobia was terrifying

    97. RoseTheHumanChild

      Mark: *does jumpscare in Lighthouse playthrough 2 me: *has a literal SPASM

    98. CborgCyborg 1

      I’m at my high school watching this in study hall and now people are wondering why I practically jumped out of my seat-

      1. RoseTheHumanChild

        LOL felt that

    99. RoseTheHumanChild

      i pause this every 3 seconds

    100. SaTuRoChAn

      I did not expect the FNAF in that game XD