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    There is nothing here... Do not take your eyes away from the red fridge... Just go to your Lost Room and enjoy the latest episode of 3 Scary Games!
    EDITED BY ► LIXIAN hufast.info
    HAMER ► ironikfred.itch.io/hamer
    Pyrolyzis ► jn-squared.itch.io/pyrolyzis
    Opposum Country ► benjelter.itch.io/opossum-country
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    1. Pralloy

      This is scary as shit when you're high and named wyatt

    2. Poki Doki

      The rats/possoms are the people they get transformed into a rat and what not

    3. Triqqxy

      mark play a scary game in vr its a good idea

    4. Maddison Smith

      ummm mark did you get possed at the end

    5. Emma Crump

      8:51 “as a firefighter i’m always prepared” later fire starts in room and he doesn’t know what to do or what’s happening

    6. Kazoo Kether

      I adore Lixian as an editor so much. He brings so much to these videos

    7. emoji

      that thumbnail says it all, my experience with seeing animated characters wrapped up in tentacles normally ends the same way, lixian bout to get raped XD

    8. Seano The*POP*

      Hey Plier! Get in touch with those in the know and make your own horror game! You don't think we won't buy it?

    9. Oats

      Oats Approved

    10. bigboycain

      John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." :)

    11. Llama zing

      The fact that lixian leaves the clips where mark askes him to edit, makes it 100 times more funny.

    12. Beth Dunbar

      Mark: Bethany Me having a mild panic attack after name being said suddenly Mark: Suffers from loneliness Me: Sounds about right.

    13. Gavin Maretzki

      0:33, is that Hellwalker? Good taste.

    14. NickMortuus

      Nice video

    15. Sierra Davis

      ...I preferred Lixian’s first choice of tunes...

    16. sad_girl yolo

      *behind you* mark : i don’t believe you * turns around* mark: ahhh i believe you now 💀😭

    17. Glitch_Gamer

      It's nice that Mark shows so much creativity with these intros.

    18. anoddpotato

      12:26 *SCP-106 has entered the chat.*

    19. Mr Vanilla

      *Bleeding guy on ceiling* Markiplier: Are you okay?

    20. thirdeyedmarie

      warehouse burned down on pyro street...pyromaniacs set fires

    21. sidian Slaps

      0:01 don't test me, I like ASMR! HA!

    22. Shogurt Review

      For some reason Mark keeps calling "Granny the horror game" as "Grandma"

    23. Maja Nagy

      "oouwhh Fire :0"

    24. Mackenzie Tulip

      Dude im toasted right now and the sound of the beginning with headphones was absolutely crazy

      1. Mackenzie Tulip

        Felt like worms in my ear

    25. Ruzzel

      2.9m views? 29m sub? scripted?

    26. heh

      I love how Markiplier always makes scary games funny in his videos. Like whenever something scary is going to happen, he like approaches it in a way that makes it funny for the viewers. 11:38 made me laugh so hard when it was supposed to be scary.

    27. Bryn Hanna

      Pyrolysis seems very likely due to the whole idea of fire around the game... It may have just been called Pyrolyzis to make it not too on the nose.

    28. Jack Wolf

      Im whitening for3 scary games #69

    29. autumn gross

      as someone with a flat ass and wears knee pads loved it

    30. Mystik Hamby

      *demonic voice* "you are my play thing" My concerned mama: 👁️👄👁️ ..porn?


      Love the scary games keep it up 😎👍

    32. MIEZ


    33. otisjoi

      Can someone explain the ending to the last game?

    34. Sean Pender

      Terrible place for a cactus

    35. Pro Grant

      dude when mark called granny grandma tho ._.

    36. HotDoggy

      7:16 Emily is getting railed.again.jeez

    37. Joseph Omega

      Damn opossum country was pretty good

    38. Reptillicus

      Eldritchplier is a living sack of meat. Give me some seasoning and I won’t be scared.

    39. FatalFear

      In the retro game, I think the transformation that Bill refers to is a transformation where the humans are turned into possums. That's why they "shed their skin", this is reinforced by how the possum broke out of the quiet girl and the man mourned its death.

    40. Bethany Riley


    41. Lucas Wilson


    42. Ehsan Ghazavi

      You should play gnarled hag!!!

    43. Requiem

      why you hit me wiht hamer :(

    44. Niko_Gacha_UwU

      "the end is nigh....he has opened the door" JOKES ON YOU, I DON'T HAVE A DOOR >:D

    45. • XxCookiPlayzYTxX •

      0:00 - Creepiplier 0:46 - granny but with a hammer 5:52 - Pyrolyzis 15:41 OPOSSUM CONTRY

    46. Demonory Draws

      “I don’t believe you- AHHH ɪ ʙᴇʟɪᴇᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ɴᴏᴡ..”

    47. dogegamer 2995

      Oh no! Squidiplier!

    48. CandidFool

      7:44 you did Mark :D

    49. A F

      22:00 skinwalkers?

    50. Pea Bee


    51. riddlie diddlie-do

      from now on ill call my gram gruma

    52. J Hill

      i always watch these then i always remember....i don't do good with jumpscares

    53. Leni Torres

      7:14 when the dynamax pokemon i battlin knows max geiser

    54. ogicar135

      Maybe you are the serial killer and u are being haunted by souls of your victims, which would explain all the bodies in the game.

    55. Double Trouble

      Love how Hellwalker played at the start lmao

    56. Trevor Hartley

      Thank you Lixian

    57. Ajay CLARK

      8:36 kids playing with toys be like

    58. Bigg Boi

      15:40 bookmark

    59. Martine Courchesne

      No one talking about the Possums that doing a crab dance Possums: *To the left and the right am coming for ya*

    60. Stormfly

      Mark- *opens empty fridge* Me- WHY IS THE FRIDGE A JUMPSCARE *cries in hunger*

    61. leavin 04

      The second game reminded me of the sleep paralysis dream that I had last night. In the dream, I was with a woman in a space suit. We were (I suck at story telling so bare with me here) having a conversation,(forgot what it was) until this HUGE monster came up and caught her, eating her body, as she was screaming I saw my body, I tried sticking out middle fingers but was paralyzed (lol) I felt as if I could have saved the lady by changing what I was thinking, I ultimately failed. It was loud and my ears started to hurt from the woman screaming. Finally, her body was crushed, and it turned completely silent. I was at peace with the silence. I later then woke up with a sore neck and my ears ringing.

    62. Brisan Comstock

      Scariest thing of whole episode: Lixian saying spooky

    63. Edvin Karlsson

      I love Lixians edits

    64. haylee w

      " iS thAT mY cACtuS? " killed me LMAO

    65. ThatGreyHat

      28:07 meatiplier

    66. Bigg Boi

      Love lixian’s music choice of DOOM in the beginning

    67. B-159SybrZaku - The 2nd Halo Airsofting spartan

      When he fell through the floor i jumped.

    68. bones 4 jones


    69. Grace Clark

      I LUV U

    70. jester

      12:26 the "uh, sir?" got me good lmao

    71. John Boi

      I laughed out loud at 10:37 because of how the body does a dance when he opens the closet

    72. Nathan Vankoughnett

      I love how in games like granny Mark instantly started hunting her the moment he got a weapon

    73. Nathan Vankoughnett


    74. Joel Bulger

      The intro was scary

    75. GL2 Swe

      20:02, Old cars oftnely ONLY have 4 small screws keeping the door hinges onto the frame but they are placed with metal brackets behind the screws BUT the door does not have brackets :D

    76. Laura Ann


    77. WellHiIGuess 23

      I want a video of mark just going to places and opening every droor of that place

    78. TrickPat Werd

      Mark when scared: wing wung wang bang Me normally: wing wung wang bang

    79. Jessica C.

      I checked if Opposum Country has an alternative ending but it doesn't, noooo 😭 who amongst us hasn't wanted to escape the complexities of human life & become a possum

    80. OmegaWeaponX2

      Let me guess. The people turned into possums.

    81. Charles Merkich

      Ur keyboard is so loud lol

    82. Nikki Reagan

      LOVE IT

    83. Hakan ÖKSÜZ

      Can we all just take a moment appreciate Lixian's effort? His editing improved so much since the day he became Mark's editor.

    84. Bethany Wiebelhaus

      Can we just have a moment of silence for Lixian's master editing and making this video twice as hilarious

    85. the idiotic spartan Strawitch

      Mark: hey lixian play some music Lixian:okay Best music of 2020 proceeds to play

    86. Louisse Marguerette Navales

      When you watched so many 3 scary games videos and know what to expect: ._.

    87. Kubaadamiec

      3 MORE EPISODES FOR 69!!!

    88. MrDamnee

      I'm not hiding in the comments, you are!

    89. Industrial Insanity

      To be honest sleep paralysis is not that scary some people make it really scary but for me and I can dream whatever I want and I think it’s really fun

    90. Bethany Wiebelhaus

      Nobody: Not one single human being: Mark: WoW DRaWeRS

    91. Mel M

      9:06 wiat that my nickname!!?!!?!??!!?!?!?!

    92. Mel M

      mark with a pinch of ragdoll weed today.hes to funny its concerning

    93. capt-waffleiron

      what was that scream lixian made at the end? please, I've looking for ever.

    94. Titanic

      first game screams granny

    95. Bad Ideas

      Alright, just guessing, but for the second game you are the serial killer, who is a fireman, and you are being haunted by that Wyatt guy that was murdered.

    96. nyavan

      i was watching this with headphones and i looked away and i heard slimy things and i just- i started crying 🥲

    97. Rtyu Lkui

      In the second game ur the serial killer dats why u r hallucinating and seeing a bunch of corpses in ur house It's basically just the case of mr Afton all over again

    98. Just Me

      Keanu reeves vibes

    99. SwirlyOrange

      12:26 Markiplier: *sees a random bleeding corpse above his bed* uh sir? Are you ok?

    100. Sirinterweb

      28:37 POV: You're a building foundation in age of empires