Alien Isolation: REVISITED


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    1. Scorpion's Dog

      Shortly after 12:00, the most detailed power point known to man.

    2. SuperintoGaming

      Hahah Parker are you ok? 👀 😂😂😂

    3. Double Trouble

      In space, nobody can hear Markiplier's commentary

    4. Cazares

      I jumped so many times Jesus

    5. GanonGhidorah

      Me, who bought this game years ago and still has it waiting on his steam library, sees that you can get this game free: "...Damn it."

    6. Remi Santalahti

      u make my really shitty days worth living

    7. Blood Shade Games

      might be time for a laptop upgrade you know something's wrong with MS paint is lagging

    8. MarGuy Thatguy

      Epic games pog!

    9. Kinetic

      Fuck off and go revisit Rain World bc that is the best game to ever exist and you slept on it and abandoned it after one episode wtf?!

    10. SlushySlushArt

      link dont work

    11. Sibur Purwanto

      Can I Like Ur Video?

      1. h

        You don't need permission to like someone's video

    12. BoundlessFox

      Mark : 'is that blood?' also Mark : 'oh no its worse, it's electrics' Us electricions and engineers out ther *Starts to cry*

    13. Toy Bonnie

      mark your link doesn't work!!!

      1. Toy Bonnie

        the link to the game doesn't work

    14. Darth Sidious

      Beautiful drawing mark

    15. Kozmos

      is the epic games link not working for anyone else?

    16. AirFire18

      Mark, keep playing 😂☺️! Pleaseeeeeeeee

    17. Lindsey Smith

      Did you know that you can be the alien?

      1. h

        You can't be the Alien in Alien: Isolation

    18. 711 thebees

      looks like hes playing in his staircase

    19. r nhim

      waiting for the day an Aliens, Predator and Terminator game comes out

    20. RadyV

      bruh the link aint workin damn

    21. Rahmat 484

      I already watched a bit of this video but I couldn't comment due to being blocked by HUfast for spam. But now I can again, so that's why I'm commenting this now. Bye.

      1. Rahmat 484

        Or maybe I forgot to comment. I don't know :-\

    22. LycanicPanic

      I missed the free game bk I was sick from my vaccine. rip

    23. Lewis Vargrson

      "That was shockingly involuntary." We've all been there Mark, it's alright.

    24. Mrfreestyle 16

      can we just repsect that makrs a grown man but acts like a child 12:00 lol

    25. WoRRioR46

      After I saw Hollow another Youtber a thought maybe if Mark plays it 🤔😉and wala boom mark did 🤤

    26. TheShooterman90

      If you’ve never had a 9:00 reaction than you don’t play horror games

    27. S h e l

      Even Mark has laptop problems… I don’t feel alone now😂

    28. Guccigangchez

      I got this game because Epic having it for free on their store and I played it. Did it nightmare mode. Honestly, that's the way to play this game. Makes the game harder and scarier knowing once you get seen by the alien there almost no way to escape.

    29. Erudito __-_-__


    30. Autumn Kyral

      At precisely 9:04 we know Lixian didn't edit this

    31. Luthiel

      4:56 "maybe i'm not the smartest dude" lol XD

    32. Lab Rynth

      What laptop are u using?

    33. Jarvis-Paul McClue

      How has he not played Condemned Bloodshot

    34. Atom Odyssey

      Fan: Markiplier is so cool and professional when he records! *he uses light mode in obs Fan: I take that back

    35. Saphire Starr

      The gameplay. The comedy. The editing. The terrified screaming. _Comedy gold.~_

    36. Mickey Mishra

      Holy shit, mark is better at drawing than me

    37. Archie Butler

      You had noise detection on

    38. Anthony Hero

      Anyone else having difficulty trying to see what's going on in this dark ass game 😅

    39. Samuel Brown

      "Weavyyy, what did you see?!" 😂😂

    40. Ryan Smith

      I too make noises when I draw.

    41. 15DooDlez

      I did the same hand reaction at the same time Mark did 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. preston budd

      mark says hes never played a game like this him not remembering on Oct 30, 2014 he finished alien isolation and says he only knows a little about the movies yet hes seen both of them and finished the game(way to go mark)

    43. ninjastatus210

      I gotta say, I’m a little upset. I (for whatever reason) thought that this was gonna be a legitimate Alien isolation video. I mean the main play through was awesome and it scared the shizz outta me. But in this vid, we get Mark in MS paint...🤔. Not sure if this was just a another vid of his where he was fishing for more views and likes. How much more money do you need Mark? Give us the great content that you use too. You know...before the fame got to you. That is all.

    44. Rikers

      Didn’t even finish the dlc😭😂

    45. Vergo Dreams

      This is my favorite horror game of all time 😁

    46. Elliot Gamelin

      9:00 ... you're welcome

    47. It'sKurt!

      9:01 is Mark experiencing true panic lol

    48. Galaxy News Radio

      *Free Hong Kong*

    49. Basic Player

      I got the ailen Isolation ( Because it was free ) but I doubt I'll ever play it, I am playing Prey though, if I'll finish the whole game I'll watch your play through, it looks great lol

    50. Stormer The Hedgehog

      6:12 Mark: *sees Xenomorph* Ooh, noo! Xenomorph: ! *GET OVER HERE!!* Mark: *hides in locker* I'm-a hide in- OH, NO! HE KNOWS! HE KNOWS! Xenomorph: *tears locker door off* Nice try, but now, you're f**ked up!! *kills Mark* 9:54 Xenomorph: Where are yooou? Mark: no... No... No. Xenomorph: *looks into locker* Are you in here? Mark: No. No. No! Xenomorph: *tears locker door open again* You're dead again, you son of a b**ch! Mark: Nyaa, F**k me!! Xenomorph: *kills Mark again* ... Does he even know how to play? Venom: Obviously not. Ridley: He's dumb. All Terrans are dumb. Xenomorph: I agree with both of you. Xenomorph, Venom, Ridley: *fist bump*

    51. Shouta Aizawa

      aah yes, a graceful scream...😂

    52. Kira Lindner

      9:01 was so ridiculously adorable and funny

    53. Garion A Olinger

      ummmmm Mark... ive been trying to download alien isolation since this vid was released but the link doesnt work :( have been waiting for it to be on sale (cause its 409 of my currency normally and as much as i love the game no game is worth 400 bucks) was it maybe a limited time thing or only so many people could download it? please help i is the stupid

    54. Stetson_Newsie


    55. grymjester


    56. Anika Garcia

      I’m laughing so hard 😂😂 he’s the best at reactions .. hands 🙌🏽 down 😂😂

    57. Rimurey

      this takes me back its been a long time since one of marks videos was this messed up

    58. FoolMeHardys

      12:00 Step 1: approch the Sigorny

    59. Alex C

      There is no link to the previous episodes in the description.

    60. Anthony A

      Play the last of us part 2

    61. 1J T'Shai Andrews

      i said wear white if you need help in his last vid and now he's wearing white

    62. BTS Lover4life

      Is it only me or does the second drawing look like Jhonny Bravo? xD

    63. Ansh 113

      9:00 Mark went 갑자기 아이시~...

    64. Myotic Tesseract

      can’t believe mark went from drawing sigourney weaver specifically with bare tits in ms paint to standing up for noncis people in papers please, character development

    65. TheCoolCarrot

      14:59 New Series??? Rate My Death???

    66. Evelyn Esparza

      Did the same flinch Mark did when he was getting into the locker XD

    67. Rouge the bat girl


    68. Bunny3382

      my back! My BACK!!!

    69. Ryan Seavey

      It’s crazy to hear the original actors saying those lines all these years later for the game❤️

    70. RaikiriRabbit

      Yeah Parker's just sleeping, nothing to worry about

    71. Earth Angel

      That xenomorph drawing is pretty solid honestly hehe

    72. TheFoxGunner

      Markiplier has lost it... Isolation has messed with his mind!

    73. Universal Crew Productions

      Yaheheheeee "Arms Flail" That was hilarious

    74. Scott Hunter

      9:02 Me too Mark. Me too.

    75. Bushido Mototsuna

      Mark: Is that blood? no its electronics even worse

    76. lunarcorpse

      You involuntarily scream like my mom does. I'm literally not joking. XD

    77. Sean Monsour

      Wow what a throwback

    78. ShepardAlt

      Where Amnesia Rebirth :(

    79. SneshazardPoe


    80. EliteSal

      I went back and saw his Alien Isolation complete 14hrs gameplay to have some context for this one video, and it did not dissapoint.

    81. Hyper XD

      YES. Love this game

    82. Niklas Boehm


    83. Ghostpiggy'sHere

      Squinky dinky doonklorp

    84. Izzy Y

      Death park Death park 2 Antarctica 88

    85. Curious cheero

      I would love to see more of this game! When your back home.

    86. Sir. Ghastgod


    87. JMGhost 64


    88. zwoddie

      canada what in the world are you doing to mark

    89. Karton'dan herşey


    90. Gogo29 Pr0

      Is this going to be full game playing videos?

    91. Carson hess

      I love how marks editors specifically Lixian literary never edits out anything he want them too

    92. Shawn Newcomer

      The audio Ripley hears does not have 1/4 of the energy as the original scene😂

    93. BountyDragon

      mark is an artist !

    94. Daniel Grossmann

      knew this would be a good one by that smirk at the beginning lol

    95. Fokkusu狐

      9:00 Legitimately scared Mark 😳

    96. KittenSpaceDino

      Why is Mark on a laptop not at home? What is the Lore here?

    97. Dawson Reckinger

      I dislike Epic :/

    98. AjR

      DLC is not "REVISITED" Click baiting :(

    99. Nightjaw

      to be fair thats my reaction everytime i play that game XD not the screaming and running away but just being to scared to pogress still havent completed the game lol

    100. Jonny Ortiz

      “I’m Sigourney Weaver right? Dont dwell on the feet” -draws jonny bravo on meth