Don't Open the Door


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    You hear a knock from your closet. A voice on the other side asks you to open the door...
    Don't open the door...
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    1. minty

      reminds me of omori SAYUFGHIJOSGASKJL:

    2. David Hopper

      Great video bro

    3. Zer0 Cyber

      wait... is this another heist with Markiplier bit?

    4. Ryan Hanson


    5. yer boi

      Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt!

    6. TheMaruto1

      Denji be like

    7. Cassie Berry

      I don't know why but I feel like this it intro of dark mark coming back

    8. Ridge Lindley

      Your not Mark *loads shotguns shells* Mark is in Canada or something.

    9. Sayzune

      This is the coolest thing i seen on HUfast, its like a mini game

    10. Thegun

      Open the door I’m a gun

    11. Jotaro Kujo But He Likes Fanta

      Don't open the door Denji

    12. Hollow Quill

      My mom said dont open the door to people I don't know leave my mail outside

    13. Tomioka Giyuu 'Demon'

      I insist on Opening the door

    14. STAYwithARMY

      i can't anymore, mark is going psycho

    15. Scarecr0wn

      So how many tabs in your chrome?

    16. Kyle Nehring

      I listened to Markiplier you stupid demon.

    17. LEDS

      Always a pleasure going through these little video adventures that Mark gives us. Thank you Mark!

    18. badi molk

      The red lights fits the silence

    19. Jugger

      I think I saw this before!?

    20. YourDM

      Good luck.....

    21. panther kent

      hmmm nah mate

    22. Adds

      *opens the door*

    23. No one Nowhere

      I mean sometimes there's salespeople or rude neighbours or cultists at the door. So I'm not entirely sure it's that weird or crazy to regret opening a door.

    24. Daniel S

      I thought dad would be proud of my grades 😢

    25. DevilHampster

      Clearly he's running out of ideas

    26. Montana Hayes

      Me watching on my phone:👁👄👁 would if I could bud

    27. Beth Polman

      isnt that the spooky doir

      1. Beth Polman


    28. Grace J

      the last time i opened the door for someone i almost lost my mother end that is the reason i don’t post anymore

    29. SC23_Gaming

      He so polite

    30. killer warriorwar69

      I lost and it legitimately scared the hell out of me

    31. Waluigis Left Toe

      Yeah sure mark no prob

    32. Samuel Lankow

      I will open the door but finish my snack first

    33. Willy G Music

      Is Mark becoming a filmmaker?

    34. Austin Latshaw

      knock knock

    35. shadowkid x

      What the good ending

    36. Grin Reaper Of Trolls

      You are all i long for, all i worship, and a door 😂

    37. Suicidejokerz T R A S H

      Doctor Phil x markiplier ?

    38. Heathbunny

      I didn’t open the door. And kept not opening it.... until I did.

    39. 101

      Alr 4

    40. 101

      Alr 1

    41. why awesome

      i found all of the endings cool bad ones

    42. Dawna Gorrell

      Stage 2 if Mark loosing is sanity

    43. The Sophisticated Orange

      mark is on the list of men i can be in a room with and feel completely safe so..

    44. Olive

      That was fun

    45. LMKD Gaming Channel

      When Mark needs a vid

    46. Doodle Wolf

      If I heard Mark I would 100000% open the door

    47. Kailob Moore

      So, is he like doing an ARG now or something? He's had a great increase in creepy videos since the death of... Well you know

    48. Aunald Nieva



      FBI open up

    50. Olga Adamova

      me waiting for the jumpscare

    51. Moria Hamlin

      It's Dark, he has returned!!!!!!!

    52. Matycia

      Okay i Will open it

    53. Sophia Strawberry Animation

      Was hoping for excitement over darkiplier, this was disappointing

    54. The Kiwi Gopnik

      yeah mate sure no issues here

    55. Wannabebond PJS2

      This doesn’t have an ending does it

    56. Ilzheven

      He's such a fking cryptid.

    57. Mr.Meatball

      I love how it just keeps repeating until you finally decide to open it

    58. FoilHattiest

      Jesus f**k I was waiting for a completely silent commercial to end so I started scrolling the comments. That knocking scared the poop out of me.

    59. Hailey Weber

      if i heard a knock on my door i wouldnt open it but if i hear markipliers voice following it i would totally open it

    60. whitetailprince

      didnt he upload this a long time ago?

    61. Dominick Doggo


    62. Beautiful T.Irizarry

      Should we open it?

    63. Camo Camper

      wouldn't it be funny if I opened the door

    64. MR LORD

      It's like the Dr. Phil out of context

    65. trentdblaze

      Sounds like some chaos I can get behind.* kicks down the door*

    66. Neko Heart

      that aint mark, thats darkiplyer

    67. Ellie UwU

      Use your hands dude

    68. Thomas_echnical

      *opens door anyways

    69. Lillian Reardon

      mark i hope you know that we cant keep on defending you with videos like this

    70. Madi Pitkin

      I opened the door because hey he's markiplier

    71. Derble The Box God

      Pizza ti-!? ... Damn it's just Mark...

    72. Chaotic Teapot

      I see that this is Amy's revenge

    73. Temmie is akward

      People agreeing to open the door Me being an asshole: *n o* I don't think i will

    74. muffins

      Baby in a microwave

    75. Κοκόλας Μπκρής

      I see there's no win and I'm there's some kind of lore for it but I will chose to wait for the reveal by you or by someone else that you have verified that they are right.

    76. Mr. Maxy

      Now I'm gonna open the doors in every next video to see if anything else is different because the loop started with replaying I think the first or second don't open the door one.

    77. Glaudge

      every tome mark creates a new marki- character, that character become a part of him. even when that character dies it doesnt leave him. he has become an amalgamation of all the characters he has created but each character he has created is seeming to be more and more delusional and psychotic, a fact which is very frightening.

    78. Loes goofing off

      😂😁 this is great stuff! How steadfast are You?? If a vampire, i mean Markipier needs An ivitation... Before IT can get in....

    79. Angelo Dimarco

      This is a way more educational video of not opening the door than the children education videos.

    80. Samy Mohammed

      Wow amazing

    81. Caleb Stephens

      I won't open the door that is darkiplier

    82. ItsPopTart

      Its a loop, if you don't open the door. So if you just never open the door and close the video after you always leave the door closed, your safe for whatever it is if you opened it. I am NOT nor EVER opening that door

    83. Reiko Burton

      “Sigh” Suuuuuuuuure darkiplier I’M READY. and to let you know I picked open

    84. Dr. Richthofen

      Open the door never open the door never did your parents ever tell you never open the door to strangers I don’t know what’s gonna happen you could die you get raped you can get murdered I don’t know what’s gonna happen really the most logical thing to ever do Probably a five-year-old will probably know what to do maybe just maybe maybe but still it’s the most stupid thing ever to do never open the freaking door

    85. Jc DC

      Okay you vampires

    86. Oliver Insfran


    87. shrimpy

      why are we here

    88. Lady Seraph

      The real question is, what's behind the other door?

    89. Cinereo

      its me goku

    90. Chaotic

      Yeah, no... I'm not open it.

    91. QuantumStriker 003

      No jumpscare at the end? Come on Mark!

    92. GentleGiant

      The thing that truly amazes and inspires me about Mark in general is that all this took was a camera, a door, a microphone, and a splash of editing to make this one of the scariest videos yet. Im not the one to jump at any of his play throughs anymore when a jump-scare occurs, but every single one got me here. Mark is a true artist who can make something beautiful out of nothing. Keep doing what youre doing my friend and continue inspiring many others in the future! :D

    93. EpicSandwich

      No.. i dont think I will open that looped: ok

    94. Lt.Ironside-PsychoRage [The 2nd]

      When the boys meet mark enter the door with juicy,josh,mully,narrator and eddie

    95. MatDaBos


    96. Puro

      Here's Makieplyer!

    97. Allen Nguyen

      0:05 Imagine that is the ugly stepsister's (Doris) voice saying "Hey, how's it going?" Oh, is that really Mark behind this door?

    98. Lil Cub

      Vid: Don't Open the Door First ad to pop up: *Man opening a door* Hmm...