DON'T LET HIM IN... | Still Ridge


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    Someone's knocking at your door... Don't let him in...
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    1. Linette

      What I hear in my headphones at the intro: Left, right, left right.

    2. toast

      unless I missed it this is straight up the PT house. He asked but i didnt notice if he came to that conclusion. It's like 100% that.

    3. Sarah Kokoro

      I am very easy to scare! Like I can't watch any horror scenes. Fell down my chair at the trailer of paranormal activity. And still I watched this and I died from laughter! XD thank you for that!

    4. Blu Jay

      “You’re a fool or a masochist” Mark: 🙄

    5. Señor Skully

      Nobody talking about how "Still Ridge" is literally a fancy translation of "Silent Hill"?

    6. oY-sophia-Yo

      Can we get mark the gun/axe thingy Mac from Agents of SHEILD uses

    7. Am Dumb

      game: (P.T. hallway, 'Sunderland' Woods, radio static) Silent Hill fans: 😎👌 😳🕶️👌

    8. Aquaaack

      Please do more of this!

    9. TheFatalLegacy

      Takes the hydrocodone right away 😂😂

    10. GAL4XY

      This game is like pt

    11. Kimblee

      It’s the Q.T house 😩

    12. Lex Stafford

      yo mifepristone is a medication that induces abortion lol

    13. Flavv


    14. High Preist Garmfield

      Is it me or does this house look alot like the one from pe?

      1. MidniightMuffin

        What's PE?

    15. S a r a

      This game is piss poor quality, barely legible and anti White. But to Mark's credit he made it as entertaining as it could possibly be so kudos to him!

    16. Ka Quack

      Can we appreciate that the Scary Games playlist is at 420 videos with the 3 Scary Games series at 69?

    17. Str4ngeV1bes


    18. Bakugo Katsukii-_-

      This needs to be on my computer stat.

    19. Lord Vaust

      So, the old guy from the dream and at the end of the diner scene was the killer? I think?

    20. Brook trout

      That literally is the pt hallway

    21. Avrenim Crewshank

      Anybody else get P.T vibes in the beginning sequence? Edit: I made this comment before going on with the video. Whoopsie 😂

    22. PeePeeFard

      Was this just a straight up copy of P.T

    23. ruvs

      "When religion fails guns do the talking" well that hit hard

    24. xx x

      wow being PT clone as far as map set up at the start really made me roll my eyes but it really turned out great.

    25. Luna Diamond

      I bet lixian made the beginning of the video scary

    26. Leave Me :/

      Markiplier: *plays horror game* HUfast: this totally is fnaf! Also HUfast: *adds fnaf* Me: ... HUfast, what the fu-

    27. Meighan

      This fills me with so much black joy I can't 🤩❤️❤️❤️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    28. Billy_Bear_Cave

      Man, I want to see more of this. The guy that came into the diner at the end is the same one that held a gun to Omar.

    29. Lazu Imani


    30. Ewing Gawing

      This is the p.t hall way a little bit diffrent

    31. B_as_in_BOOM

      This is littery PT...

    32. Izuru Kamukura

      "indy velper" -Markiplier, 2021

    33. UVONGO


    34. 恋人MoonNotFound


    35. Symanda Myrick

      Hello children!!

    36. moom11_1

      the animations and models and transitions are so fucking jarring that I can't take it seriously lmao

    37. basic bridging

      Markiplier: Still Ridge Description: Yeah that's five nights at freddy's

    38. craig 2020

      I look up to you I wanna be like you🙏🙏

    39. Silence Like the Wind Overtakes Me

      Still Ridge? As is synonyms for Silent Hill. of course.

    40. Lammy4ever7

      (Looks around) I guess I'm the only one who was kind of shaken by the fact the lady died of opioid overdose because of the extreme pain from her in-home abortion. I mean, that's what happened, right?

    41. Chuck Freaking Noris 3

      Don’t open the door?!

    42. Foxy- 101

      My favorite part was when he slammed the door in the guys face and he dropped so fast to the ground 🤣

    43. Gustavo Binder

      This is looks like PT if it as made by the Clock Tower developers.

    44. RustedKing

      "Don't Open The Door" Huh *I feel like this happened twice*

    45. zelo 3

      The game tag is fucking five nights at freddy's lmao!!!

    46. Andrew Cartwright

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      1. SuperPatCraft

        Yes, I too am real human. Not at all a bot. INVEST IN BITCOIN!

      2. Lucas Abraham

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      3. Zaka Signals

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      4. Lucas Abraham

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      5. Zaka Signals

        @Laska Robertson Trading crypto with Expert Alexander Marcos has being a game changer for me

    47. will allmen

      15:36 looks like the battle pass

    48. Phoenix Borealis

      Wow, these FNAF games just get more and more complicated as time goes on, don't they?

      1. bro man

        why FNAF?

    49. Ford_mikko

      isntthat the pt halway :O

    50. ON•YX

      I've just clicked, now if I get scared and hit my hand on something we have an issue, said hand is broken

    51. Mason Catalone

      2:32 - Did anyone think 'Silent Hill PT: Demo,' then really think it when the table in the corner appear, then definitely thought it when the hallway turned and saw the first door? 6:29 - No way it can't be. 15:35 - IT'S SILENT HILL PT

    52. Aariyah H

      This is literally my aunt's house based on my memory from childhood. This exact place

    53. Joel Hachat

      God bless!

    54. MoonGangster

      9,232th comment

    55. {painless}

      You never cease to make me laugh

    56. Gera Bennington

      Still Ridge is an obvious reference to Silent Hill, from the visuals and the hallway to the name and I love it.

    57. Gaebel Maples

      "oh, is this your bed?" mark that is MASSIVE

    58. Ana Mayorga

      Markiplier I’m not gonna cuss the audience did he cuss

    59. Thomas Purser

      Still Ridge? Surprisingly no one has caught on that it's a play on Silent Hill

    60. Luis Felipe

      Bro this camara worl la create, so good.

    61. Tanita Sanchez

      Hehe scissor the bear

    62. Liam Frazier

      Markiplier should play PT again and actually beat it

    63. IxIz PEyyZ

      Mark:Turn the light off and enjoy *me who watches it till day*

    64. His Sir

      is this the bite of 87

    65. Bryophyte Media

      Still Ridge? Silent Hill?? I’m sensing a pattern here...

    66. Tookiy

      I refuse to believe that pt is a game genre now... So this game is far to similar to pt to not feel incredibly lazy. Yeah, they did some of their own stuff, but the similarities are much much too close for respect.

    67. Izzy Kirishima .

      4:38... a titan i see?

    68. Ebenami Ez

      Finnaly 25 am

    69. Mr. Egg

      15:19 HE SAID THE FUNNY

    70. Pige

      HUfast: yeah this is five nights at Freddy’s

    71. Twinkle Ramchandani

      Can u please give me a trick to not get scared of ghosts

    72. BananaMan80

      HUfast: hmm, yes, this is five nights at freddy's

    73. Sparkles spice adventures

      Markiplier: are u dead Captions: [is this ur bed] Me: captions said other wise

    74. Frankie Millcarek

      It's great that my first thought upon seeing the mifepristone was "I need to have my IUD replaced." Thank you horror game for the birth control reminder.

    75. Deidric Steiner

      I love this game 😍 for 2 reasons 1 it's suspenseful And 2 it's weird movements of the characters made me cry with laughter XD

    76. Shadow Dev

      Play an asylum game-

    77. B4shar

      Game title: Still Ridge HUfast: hmmm.... Five Nights at Freddy's

    78. B4shar

      Game title: Still Ridge HUfast: hmmm.... Five Nights at Freddy's

    79. Kerweenie

      that actually was the p.t. hallway

    80. justaman

      Looks like a copycat of PT minus the graphics.

    81. Squidward lol

      PS1 graphics, but good none the less

    82. Overseer

      Looks like a parody of P.T.

    83. L 0

      His dislikes were an inside operation

    84. The Josh Guy

      People need to stop with the shitty P.T. clones already.

    85. baileigh smith

      How the heck did he recognize it as the pt hallway? I only got it once he pointed it out

    86. Leland Wright

      he said the thing 15:18

    87. Paxtyn McClelland Ladouceur

      this looks like p.t

    88. n0s4a2

      I was 5 minutes into the video when I realized it was the PT hallway

    89. mi mi

      It's 25:00am

    90. BATKAMARRI 13

      This is Silent hill p.t in 3rd person mode.

    91. XxMoon AlphaxX

      cool ->-

    92. IAteItGuy

      I love that it started with inspirations from PT then twisted almost all of it to make it its own thing. Daaaamn.

    93. Field Rebel

      Love fact that game Mark is playing called STILL RIDGE but the game under the video it's the OG game FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S. 😂😂😂

    94. Kayotime

      2:40 Wait a minute... is this just a third person view of the hallway from PT?! Edit: Mark just realized too lmao

    95. charmeleon evolves

      This is part 69. And in the playlist, there are 420 videos. Well played, Mark.

    96. Sparrow Sins19


    97. Sparrow Sins19


    98. Lilflax03

      Game: Still Ridge HUfast: Five nights at freddy's

    99. Chad Sumner

      Could you check out this game "Alan wake"??