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    You can't arrest me for trying to SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES! I'm a hero and a hero must be SPEED.
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    1. Jenna Lynne Murray

      “She’s a little top heavy” 💀

    2. Trolify

      The fastest ambulance is a falling ambulance prove me wrong

    3. Sun Storm

      Hey, man, the poor devs probably just had to go for the DMCA free sirens. I was totally thinking about GTA RP. I mean, I still watch it because of you and I appreciate that. I know you don't have time to play it right now because that content isn't your priority, but I hope you still get to watch it sometimes.

    4. Wrassy Rosethorn

      *Slams into road sign* "UNACCEPTABLE"

    5. Jacob P

      You need to play this with Bob and Wade!

    6. Bloopy108

      You ask for a firefighter to put out the fire but then he says "I didn't know I can catch on fire!"

    7. Pazuzu Deamon

      you can tell that this game is not even finish

    8. Todoroki Shoto

      “Buildo” 😂

    9. Icositetrachoron

      "My name is..." *Mark-zula* *The mic rula* *The old schoola* *You wanna game? I'll play it for ya*

    10. Todoroki Shoto

      “Hold on to your neck” 😂😂🤣🤣

    11. Foxy- 101

      I love how every time mark brings someone into the hospital he runs and starts breathing weird like he's about to send the stretcher into the wall. Haha

    12. lil Smoke

      It somewhat looks like Gta

    13. minecraft 56

      This is a good game

    14. Maxwell Mashburn

      Petition for try not to laugh to come back

    15. TheUnkownBandit

      In real life if you seen mark in the ambulance or as your doctor you know ur gonna be in major pain or dead I’m sorry to tell ya but if he was a doctor he should know what to do

    16. Andy Lin

      First guy he rescued was J Cole

    17. MoonGangster

      5,456th comment

    18. Dreadful Games

      Markiplier if you want to make your channel interesting then you should try creating a fursona lol

    19. Steve Palooch

      mark flying threw the air lands in the grass people driving by: 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶..............

    20. Sticklis


    21. Sky Con

      Coulda just played Saints Row 2 for the same experience tbh

    22. TheFraternization

      Markiplier is so stupid sometimes I swear 😂😂😂

    23. Ariel Jones

      "62 Young, This is Marcus! Only for you, baby! Only for you! I'm coming baby! WE COMIIIIIINNNNNNG!!!!" 8:53 -Bringing Out The Dead (1999 film)

    24. kaosu tama

      I'm part of the police. Do you think we care about reputation? Mark the legend.

    25. Alexander Powell

      i love how mark drove into a person who was walking like they were drunk in a police car and wasnt even worried about arresting them for public intoxication

    26. MakiTheMonkey

      This game is really fun with friends! It's also still in development, and looks so much better then when it first started.

    27. Junior Bombatik

      pls play gta5 plsss

    28. Phoenix Borealis

      Well that was an anticlimactic game.

    29. SlingSlongBillaBong

      I’d really like to see Mark play in the Five M No Pixel server with everyone, I feel like he would be great in that

    30. Rachel Farenigh

      “I believe there’s a shortcut here” *drives off the cliff*

    31. X_ZaVE

      I actually have a fuck ton of hours on this game, it's nice to see a youtuber playing it lol.

    32. Haley Mayse

      Watching people in this game not move out of the way reminds me of real life. (I’m a fire fighter and people really don’t move$

    33. Striker Reddit

      I've been waiting for Mark to play this ever since I saw it on steam. I hope he continues to play it after they release more updates.

    34. MrColz

      I love how he's not even doing anything to the shop lifter, but then someone (Im guessing the real shoplifter) just popped him right in the head, like, it wasn't mark, nope just some random dude

    35. Ivan Cubacub

      14:26 The firetruck siren sounded like the Pink Trombone.

    36. Anthony Scott

      I love how the "hospital" consists of one room whose function is to make your patient vanish into thin air. I wish trips to the real hospital where so efficient.

    37. wristfulsirens

      Auto-tune fire truck

    38. Aethryx

      I like how *nobody* pulls over for emergency vehicles in this world

    39. Brooke

      Mark after hooking up the first patient: 'oh you DO have a pulse' Me: NO MARK! Don't fall for it! PEA is a thing! *cue inner provider nonsense*

    40. Captain N

      I lost my mind when he climbed the ladder haha

    41. Sadie Brown

      23:23 vE hIcLe - Markiplier 2021

    42. FrostWasn'tHere

      The person inside the burning house: *:l*

    43. Holly Ayers

      Markipler you would be a *great* paramedic ;)

    44. Vett- Dog

      multiplayer yes

    45. Hydra Salesman

      .... Dr Iplier?

    46. Mr. Mystery

      21:55:me at 4am going to work while it's 30 below and I'm trying to start my truck

    47. Interstellar Kitten

      The hardest parts of these games are just navigating the fire truck

    48. Yiğit Talha Irk


    49. Xaviere Weins

      Mark Questioning Why There Are Many *Not Concerning* White Vans Me: *America*

    50. Abbi Philippe

      When he said "short cut!" And just chucked that big ass firetruck off the cliff I literally died! 🤣

    51. Tate Ledford

      The cop sitting in his car at that first fire: "Dispatch, you might want to send someone else. Not sure this guy is going to work out".

    52. Felix Schoeller

      Me at 0:30, maybe he will actually play it the way he's supposed to! Skips to 14:48.

    53. Marcelines photography

      As an EMT...this stuff hurt. 😂

    54. TheAlmightyPUH T.A.P.

      Mark: “don’t worry guys. I know a shortcut.” 😂

    55. Raven AshHeart

      I would love to see more of this game mark! I had such fun with your reacts😄💜

    56. Bibbus 06

      The fact this game has a friendly fire option scares me

    57. Tyler Scholten

      Arsonist activity?! I want that! 15 fires!? You know how bad I was hoping this man was gonna roll this fuckin tower up a mountain to find 15 walking path trash cans madly ablaze so he could be just that let down? 🤣

    58. MasterofLuck

      Mark: I’m inspecting youuuuu Mark: are you okkaaaay *no pulse* Mark: oh god Me: “oh yeah he’s dead”

    59. Nicholas Barrera

      Her: Faster!! Me going as fast as I can so she won’t dump me for a black guy: 7:03

    60. FalloutJack

      Mark: *Turns on siren* Me: Where's that Naked Gun theme?

    61. RobertTV3

      I watched Let’s Game it Out play this and I’m so glad mark is playing this!

    62. Puufe

      “I want a big bildo” ~ markiplier 2021

    63. Rasengan578

      Mark: "Why is everything boarded up?" Me: Oh God, it's the "peaceful protestors" again. This must be Portland.

    64. Goomboom

      11:07 Happens every time

    65. SweetLilWeirdo

      I need an animation of this

    66. Bitter Bro the Unus

      Please do this in multi player lmao

    67. Bitter Bro the Unus

      I love how mark acts Like Exactly like a cop

    68. sprightlyoaf

      "What happens if I run out of water?" I feel like the answer is contained within that question

    69. Leah Brewer

      youre so pretty

    70. Amy Green

      id like to see more surgical content but I still enjoy basically any vid you make about games :)

    71. ashley adams

      19:03 does anyone hear goofy 😂

    72. Bryant Gonzalez

      Mark your the best HUfast

    73. Mr Penumbra

      11:14 Mark 😂

    74. Mr Penumbra

      Med Man sounds like a drug dealer.

    75. Elizabeth Thomas

      omg you have to do this multiplayer

    76. Sebastian Kirk Fullon

      24:23 was it you? You the person? Did you do it? Is it you?

    77. Shady

      Closed Captions Siren: [Music] Mark Screaming: [Music] Well done HUfast... Well done.

    78. Erik Draven

      I was t-boned by one of these that ran a light without their sirens on and im pretty convinced it was mark driving now

    79. Grimslade Leviathan

      Dare I say, I kinda wanna see Mark play this with the boys be because seeing how fun this video was, I can only imagine how fun this'd be with Bob and Wade

    80. Shane Anderton

      If you can play FNF? if you had then... oof...

    81. Emily Miriam

      I love that mark still uses his outros

    82. shooe

      I wish the title was ambalam

    83. Shan Roul

      i love how you look with a big mouth

    84. maybefrogs

      This really helps. I’ve been having a rough two weeks, and been extremely’s been a lot. So I am so deeply appreciative of content like this, because it helps me smile and get back to the good things about life. 🖤 Thanks for this - it helps people you may never meet.

    85. Stitch Puppeteer

      14:41 ....... me too truck. Me too

    86. Pickle wing

      I found it funny that the Korean man is good at being a doctor

    87. Toss Me an Arnie

      10:48 _Back at it again!_

    88. Little_ muffinhead

      Markaplier: arsonist?! Technoblade: *sweats*

    89. iced_coffeelvr

      Why does the siren at 14:25 sound like Pole Position?

    90. im totally not a furry

      Mark talks to guy, guy, gets shot in the face

    91. im totally not a furry

      Dude the sirens, I died laughing

    92. WaifuMaster

      I’m the police we don’t care about reputation xD

    93. kazu kid

      *the house burning* mark: “let me just climb this flat ladder”

    94. PantPudding

      I swear to everything I laugh harder at markipler videos than anything else on the internet. I’m in tears right now 😂

    95. Bekaris Estay

      Hey Markiplier! Can you play INTERNET CAFE SIMULATOR???

    96. Vampella

      The fire truck sounds like a dying cat. 🤣

    97. Osama BinRotten

      Want to be homeless? There's a simulator for that. Hobo: Tough life. Nice addition to the sim collection

    98. Devitron87

      Imav3riq already played this and the other 2 modes of anyone is interested.

    99. Jack Kenseng

      That's...not how traffic cones work. Edit: And why does the fire truck sound like a cat growling?

    100. Charlie Corder

      T hat 1 siren sounded like yoshi from mario