Fishing Simulator


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    The boys go fishing!
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    1. Adam

      9:47 bob gets a new car

    2. Mazin

      i actually love this video, i want a series of them just playing this game

    3. Isaac Varga

      Post more fishing simulator

    4. Maup1n

      I used to be a telemarketer. My trainer told me if I didn't sell to this family of this dead grandma, he was going to fire me. I was 17. I was making 18 an hour. I literally sold more telling them that they are grieving and shouldn't do anything irrational

    5. LikeAProTutorials

      I’m actually impressed this game made dragonfly’s land on your pole. Anyone who knows anything about fishing knows that happens literally all the time.

    6. Simon Tracer

      Because of the plan I have I was able to get multiple devices and now I have a total of 12 or something

    7. Kiss_My_ Peachy_arse

      Right now was an add mark

    8. Kiss_My_ Peachy_arse

      Just like Jesus wants. The nonchalant and the sip I just took did not mix

    9. Mining NatureYT

      That moment when the Drowned Man has enough money to buy a fish a car, but not able to fix his own plumbing lol

    10. Az

      Genuinely when I worked for *major checkmarked cellphone company, you know the one* if someone was calling in to disconnect a line due to death we had to be like, "Have you considered putting a tablet on that line instead?" or "I can give you 50% off that line if you'd like to keep it." It fucking SUCKED. And if they were disconnecting a whole account we'd have to be like, "Yeah we'll waive the early termination fee, but you have to return the phone. Don't want to return their phone? Well then it's going to be a $200 ETF. Also the last bill is still due so um... do you want to go ahead and pay that now?"

    11. Scorpion's Dog

      Hey mark have you ever played the Yakuza series I'm working through 3.

    12. Bluelighing 2

      But.. the... h-hair... WHYYYYY!...

    13. FmyDoff

      Mark talking about how they have to do research every time.... little do our boys know that call centers employees do that to take bathroom breaks and such

    14. Jeremiah's LIFE

      i just got this game on my xbox lmao

    15. Ellie Devlin

      I love how half of the video is them just complaining about sails reps

    16. Akaeral

      Lixian is the best editor ever

    17. THE PUSH

      Lol this is probably exactly how their conversations would be if they where fishing in real life

    18. Ferdinánd Purczeld

      I enjoy this video for how chill it is.

    19. Jacob Walker

      what game is that?

    20. AbnormalAsian

      I just need like an hour long video of these 3 just fishing

    21. nala puppys

      When my grandmother passed away they actually did try to sell us something else. We had to explain to them many times that nobody was gonna be using the internet at her house anymore

    22. WOLFxCAL

      redear. reed ear. not red ear lmao

    23. Brandis Nupp

      I feel you Wade, Spectrum is the worst wifi company there is, it's the only one offered where I live and it's trash!

    24. Game On

      I have had this game for 2 years now and I was Screaming at my phone so much could they kept making so many mistakes

    25. Chainsaw9700

      I need a podcast if the three of them

    26. Chainsaw9700

      This is just straight up a good time

    27. TJS1852

      I did not expect to give a single shit about a fishing simulator game but this was unironicly really nice ❤

    28. Ole Florvåg

      where it the forest

    29. bloodyrose

      At 0:30 I looked down at Mark's camera hopping that lixian had put Bob's face right behind Mark's head

    30. Gamma Light

      Man podcast while fishing sound soo goood

    31. themrkukk

      I like this game

    32. Flynn Ellison

      real life fishing is actually very, VERY INTENSE WHEN IM FISHING

    33. Saphire Starr

      STRAIGHT UP about that "oH, iNtErNeT, yOu SaY!?" when looking for a new home!! Hard-earned lesson: If seriously considering a spot, get a FREE site eval. = = = Kid you not, confirmed with sales THREE TIMES w/3 separate sales folks over a period of MONTHS before buying. Asked for a site eval after we owned it, you know to get the new 'net all set up! "Sorry ma'am, although your ENTIRE STREET AND TOWN has our service, ONLY YOU are too far from the road for our service." We picked that house _because_ it was supposed to have internet. Get a site eval FIRST and do NOT go off what sales says!! _Evals are free._

    34. nightmare l

      I love fishing and fishing u don't use cheese or bread

    35. Carlos8520

      Is the forest series dead?

    36. FlowNight

      How did Jesus lost his virginity? *"YEAH, SAY THAT JESUS SOME MORE!"*

    37. ThatDudeWithBoobs

      The moment with the dragonfly was pure serotonin 🥲

    38. Skylar Kuil

      Honestly, I think this is now one of my favorite videos

    39. ThatDudeWithBoobs

      Anyone else stupidly happy that Mark is wearing the shirt from Bleachus Annus? Just me? OK...

    40. Luke Pixel

      0:45 OG's will remember this line followed by screaming

    41. Joaquin Rafael Palencia

      The video was fantastic Lixian.

    42. Syd

      Anyone else realize how ironic it is that they spent a hot minute talking about internet/electronics/tech while fishing 🤣 fishing is the "go outside and stop using your phone" hobby loool

    43. thescree

      I saw how the Unus Annus camping and fire making videos went, my expectations are very low

    44. Goofy Goober


    45. Ryan Matney

      “Oh yea say Jesus some more. noooooo it broke off!” -wade 2021

    46. ViciousVelociraptor

      I can confirm that when a loved one dies they do try to stop you from canceling their service.

    47. Darrian Weathington

      Wade is a master of tutorials


      You and Ethan should do an unus annus type thing again. Let’s be honest, the internet ruined unus annus by shitting in your guys faces and re-uploading videos. And not to mention you guys can’t even make videos together because people will say stuff like “oH is unus ANNUs coming back!?!?”. It was probably the best any kind of anything that you guys did and was awesome.

    49. Rachael Grigg

      I mean I know you're like "make this fantastic" and the editors were like "man we tried have you considered getting good" but I actually really genuinely enjoyed this. It was nice to just sit and listen to their conversation and be mellow while still laughing a little, I really liked this experience

    50. Majestic D0gg0

      At 14:13 Wilford came out for a brief moment 😂

    51. Luna Wolf

      I JUST got that game lol, I also caught a rl bass last weekend!!

    52. AshleyTheFighter

      Anyone actually play this game before this video dropped?

    53. Knight of the Blood

      Gamer: I hate tutorial Also gamer: This game SUCK!

    54. Thomas The Metriacanthosaurus Nerd

      My upload speed at home is often 0.4mb or something less than 1mb more than 0mb same goes for the download speed. At uni it's like 40mb plus download

    55. Madame Muffin

      I'm not looking forward to discussing internet in a house or aprtment in the future.

    56. Jake B

      As someone who worked in a call center for CenturyLink; not only did I find the call center conversation hilarious but I also had to be that guy who pushed services cuz they'd write us up if we didn't 🤣🤣😭

    57. AngelRose

      is the game he playing called Ultimate fishing simulator or what is the game called on steam

    58. Cat Zilla

      Mark Wade and Bob: * having a relaxing time * Wade: *"YEAH SAY JESUS MORE!"*

    59. Micah

      2:02 so-shell fishtancing

    60. Matthew Brister

      I oddly enjoyed that more than most episodes I liked just the back and forth talking

    61. Benny Cartoons


    62. FunkyBoy

      God damn Lixian, that was some top tier, grade A, top shelf, premium quality editing. Well played sir.


      Man all this time space game stuff is awesome ;)

    64. Bro Avery

      Play this again. Please


      ever caught a fish with your spinal cord?

    66. skz aussie line

      "i will buy you dinner and make sweet love to you in the pale moonlight if you just bite my hook." ,,, wilbur, that you?

    67. stefan davidoiu

      Just here minding my own business and all of a sudden I see “fisting simulator”... man I need a psychologist

    68. Pantelis Ellinidis

      Last video in his old house .... A historical moment

    69. Screamin' Eagles!

      Best visual podcast ever.

    70. Awesomedude Playz

      Spectrum lol

    71. Awesomedude Playz

      Wade rlly do be funny this episode the bud le and shit

    72. Awesomedude Playz

      RMB 30 mill

    73. Awesomedude Playz

      RMB 30 mill

    74. serbianmde

      0:24 69 Fahrenheit

    75. Tal'Ki

      The internet talk had me dying!! Best Fishing trip ever!! Love it when the boys are together... P.S. stay away from Frontier

    76. Liesel Brehmer

      9:36 had me in literal tears

    77. Liesel Brehmer

      The fact that this game is broken beyond repair just made this experience a thousand times better than a regular fishing simulator

    78. Gabriel Abruzzo

      13:36 The grandma bit with Wade mentioning channel 34 made me laugh because I remember that channel number being like nick jr. at some point for like optimum or fios, Lmao!

    79. Mr. potatoman

      This was great we need more of this

    80. Boyce Bassett

      What happened to the forest

    81. toastergaga

      that moment when gamers say "is this actually how fishing is" major face palm

    82. Kryplosaurus

      Some game has Czech republic in it heck yeah we are not completely forgoten by the rest of the world!

    83. Torben Kjøller

      Wait, I was the guy who said play fishing simulator

    84. G-Creator



      i will..i will- i will pay for your child’s...collage.. (thing) if you *ᏰʈƏm⑂g0ዞᗬᕍᾀḾL工れモ*

    86. Musicfam

      Just wanna say I played this game a hell of a lot if you fish at the right times with the right bait in the right spots you’ll catch fish back to back you’ll even catch more trophy’s and even maybe unique types it’s a great game you may have to look up videos on it kpshamino has some solid videos on it

    87. DarlingPanda200

      When Wade talked about the spectrum internet I felt that. My games been downloading since 2qm and it's only at 40%

    88. Dan Vill

      He said "locked on target" ... brings an old tear in my eye

    89. MrSparsilis

      Huniepop 2 part 6 ?

    90. Derya Kılıç

      Türk yokmu beaa

    91. Heath Ryan

      At 8:14 you see the the temperture is 69°F nice I hope someone saw that

    92. Scott Roulette

      the forest

    93. Loving Ryza

      I genuinely love this, just friends fishing as they tell real life stories. It's a nice change from the panic of Phasmaphobia and I would really like to see more of this. :)

    94. XxblackpandaxX

      So dam realistic man

    95. TyTeph

      I literally imagined the three of them in the middle of a lake on a boat drinking beers and talking about dealing with internet cable providers 😂

    96. Brittny Dole

      Anyone know what game this is? He didn't link it in the description!

    97. Kevin Y

      I love how this video turned from a fishing game video to them basically hanging out talking about stories 😂

    98. Big Grump4

      I’ve played this on Xbox and it’s actually fun

    99. Benjamin Edwards

      Fishing for internet upload speeds

    100. TJ Dwyer

      what happened to the forrest