I Review Amazon Self Defense Products


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    Have you ever wanted to defend yourself but you don't want to spend a lot of money? Then Amazon is the perfect shop for all your self defense needs!
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    1. Bob R

      Mark you had the perfect time to say I’m not gonna kill you just hurt you really badly

    2. gamer

      The way he say betch makes me laugh so hard

    3. Reqz

      That is a kara but plastic

    4. unspeakable's fan sub

      the wallet one looks like something my mom would carry while were shopping and uses it if i make a scene call it the portable spanker just like the spank of the slipper your momma use to spank you with

    5. Jake Video

      Imma stick with my Beretta 92fs handgun

    6. Johnathan Smith


    7. John Dignan

      waste of time

    8. Scooby Doobie Blu

      8:37 "I shouldn't drop that, seems like a bad idea." 😂😂😂😂

    9. L. Sollberger

      A good video to prove that a solid gun will always be your best bet. Boom sticks for the win.

    10. Boeingb52 Stratofortress

      Actual pens with falshlights are defective AF in both ways.

    11. Heavy Frompootis

      In my opinion a gun is a better alternative then using a knife to try to defend yourself from someone with a gun.

    12. whxteo

      wap on youtube never thought the day would come

    13. Goat Gamer

      This video is at 420k likes keep it there

    14. Artifact

      That collapsible staff is basically one use. A couple solid hit would turn most people away, but the staff clearly wouldn't survive that abuse. Don't ever rely purely on pain tolerance.

    15. bluefool101

      mark: I'm not a mosaicist also mark: 3:06

    16. Zapp Utube

      14:14 the moment I died from laugh

    17. Skippy Rice

      Wait who's getting attacked???

    18. Sarah

      possible TW: 17:50 - 22:18 (blades)

      1. Sarah

        ​@SALSAFROMMEXICO is it possible you commented this for attention?


        No one cares. And the people that do are faking it for attention

    19. Dakota Dad

      Would you just stop

    20. Niko Bellic

      “I can’t get Steve off”

    21. Pypelines

      It took him almost 7 minutes to get to the weapons lol

    22. Alive Cake

      At 14:18 steve had on armor enchanted with thorns

    23. HOG#68 Grimm

      I love this part: 2:11

    24. B Palm

      Mark: starts inflating the blow up man with his mouth Me: *unus annus flashbacks*

    25. Greta Durant

      is this john wick? *insert anime guy pointing at butterfly template*

    26. YeetoSkeetoz

      your in canada

    27. Laurie Thompson

      Zapping a dummy doesn't tell us if they work.

    28. MeatStickss

      Marks non masochistic discount selfdefence lesson

    29. Crow of Judgement

      buy a gun mark and show us how u shoot muscle man UwU

      1. Crow of Judgement

        guns can be non-lethal its called beanbag ammo

    30. I’m Crazative

      19:35 Stylish but deadly

    31. Totally Lizzy

      who trusted a 10 year old with a taser....

    32. HYDREX Corp

      Its more about " reviewing survival thing... products "

    33. Jeremy Whitaker

      Markplier is legit just like me and Im bipolar 1 haha.

    34. Jeremy Whitaker

      I have youtube premium, I did not know I can download videos.

    35. bigchungus333

      Ngl deck man is kinda terrifying

    36. bob plays


    37. bob plays

      you are a Masochist

    38. S0cKz

      Mark flinching every time he hit the dummy with the whip was hilarious.

    39. Sir Yeets a lot

      No offense mark but I have something better than all of that it is called a 1911 chambered in .45 acp

    40. Eric Espinosa

      Markipler: People want to use something that has less lealithly. Me:I believe a taser.

    41. P0ssumi

      5:13 : hand kink intensifi-

    42. king teeth

      I know this video is a month ago but I just wanted to say thank you Mark for helping me chose my self defence ✨weapon of choice✨ As a minor and someone who appears female it’s really scary when I want to go anywhere by myself or with a friend. I chose the alarm and the little jabby thinga-ma-bob. I’m not very strong, so it makes me feel safer. I know if it would probably be better to get something more expensive or durable but my family isn’t exactly rolling in cash and neither am I so having you review these really helped me chose and be able to feel safer while out skating with friends. Thanks, Mark !! ( P.S !!!! I would also recommend anyone out there who has a couple extra dollars to buy a portable door lock ! You can find them on Amazon ! :) )

    43. annabelle hall

      this is why this video wasn´t on my school computer

    44. TTTerrorWolf Gachaz_192

      i carry a bunch of "just in case stuff" so if somebody would try to hurt or kidnap me i would simply use my extendable walking stick to smack the living shit out of them....

    45. TheShadowlord90

      I absolutely love 11:40 Just, that look where Markiplier takes the "stinger" after mentioning it could break a window; and is about to actually break his own window, before pausing and slowly processing what he was about to do. Perfect. In a way, it reminded of the Bugs Bunny Cartoon "Falling Hare." all that was left was for Markiplier to yell "WHAT AM I DOING!?"

    46. Tyre Robinson


    47. Logan Housel

      That one kid named Steve:😮😮

    48. Logan Housel

      That one kid named Steve: 😮

    49. PrimeSharkbait

      Mark could have died by a bracelet knife...he deserves better in the heart of battle

    50. KingPinatatainium 42

      6:32 Captain Price?

    51. azure knight

      Mark: go for the eyes! *ad pops up* First lines eye lady says: I LOVE my eyes

    52. Jennie C

      What a world we live in. Have to purchase little leather coin holders to protect ourselves while politicians have millions of armed (with guns) police/soldiers at the ready, yet want to add so many mini laws that owning a gun becomes so much of a pain (but not outright taken from us) that we dont even bother buying one.

    53. Avrenim Crewshank

      Mark with his hair up gives me aizawa vibes

    54. ERICA LUNA

      The drunk version of kiano Reaves

    55. Michael Loiselle

      Poor Steve!

    56. Years. Photography

      the sad thing is half of these are illegal to carry in some countries lmao :/

    57. Amanda Xadnama Fägersten

      “You will have rapid deployment... TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE EYES!!” *diaper ad plays right after* me: O_O

    58. 1stLt_HChurch

      Lol, I've had a tactical pen like that for years, and now I just use it at work to sign paperwork, restore call lights (I'm a CNA), and collapse boxes. That really makes it seem more chill than it is. Can still pack a punch tho.

    59. BiglyShronk

      Truth be told. I feel like a twizzler would caught more damage than a lot of these amazing Amazon products

    60. softmalfunction

      this man is a tactical masochist

    61. TheHomieLethal

      Great video Mark, I love you.

    62. Copper Biscuit

      I’m dying this is so funny

    63. Riley Scott

      You look like a Korean John wick

    64. Matt C

      It's got a predictable wap 🤣

    65. The New Wrong

      Have you tried guns

    66. Albert Pacella

      22:40 one of my teachers has that spike thing in her keychain

    67. Hector Reyna

      mans really said wap

    68. Green Dragon

      I found a recurve bow on Amazon

    69. Bert Saunders

      What the hell is a deckman and wher can I get one.

    70. Er Ty

      make more of thez vidoes

    71. Gabi Benavente

      I haven’t been watching Mark as often as I used to, but when I do I can tell that he’s slowly losing his mind more n more.

      1. Lance Clement

        It’s not that slow anymore

    72. drill memes

      7:58 Youre cancelled

    73. GL.A.S

      What constipation looks like 3:39

    74. GL.A.S

      The dislikes are the people who got attacked

    75. Emilee Lathan

      He’s a big dude with big oxygen (-and I mean muscle wise I wasn’t calling him fat at all-)

    76. Deviant Diva

      3:11 I'll stick with my Homie the Clown sock filled with laundromat quarters. 😐

    77. Bella Lanning

      “I can’t get Steve off” “Let me go down on him”

    78. The Briere Magician

      i had the staff thing at the end, i messed up doing a trick with it and had to go to the hospital, that thing will hurt you, so if you plan on getting it, BE CAREFUL

    79. DarkwolfOMGYT

      Low key mark looks like John wick

    80. Kerry Lin

      I am cranking up. lol

    81. Barbara Palone

      If anyone missed unus annus this was the whole year

    82. Tybierious

      Mark explaining: "Unless you're here for a bad time." Me: Insert sans meme here.

    83. Parrots4Life

      9:45 mark i think your confused, thats a bike chain.

    84. soviet commrade

      Just use AK 47 if your really tactical -Comrade

    85. Twisted Maelstrom

      Okay question, what do you do if they have a "self-defense" weapon.

    86. dogs are cute

      mark realy blew that tough guy well

    87. Derek Franks-Ideson


    88. Tal Luna

      the adhd is palpable

    89. Roxanne Hooks


    90. Aesthet¿cally Gl¡tched

      The staff is just terrifying in more ways than it should be

    91. _ Crocodoom

      11:50 the way he paused-

    92. HommeBoy McJewerson

      Why doni feel kark could secretly go on masked singer and make it if he wanted th o actualy sing

    93. Church Redneck rw og samcro

      Omg it's john wick

    94. Leah Meador

      I want to see an action movie using these

    95. S famley

      Scorpion move with the bracelet and then he says get over her

    96. Jasmine Smith

      Mark don't be a baby Jesus.

    97. Tristan DiZenzo

      8:04, bob AKA (Steve): please kill me

    98. James In Space

      anybody else remember fnaf the musical?

    99. Dino Nuggies

      He reminds me of Keanu reavers, THAT WOULD BE THE BEST COLLAB

    100. KPalz Rhein

      Mark: I’m not a masochist Also Mark: *tactical whip*