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    You ever just run away and join a cult with your friends for a laugh but then it turns out that the cult was legit and you have to go kill the cult leader to stop them from summoning a goat demon? Yeah, that's Devour!
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    1. Tori Burnett

      This whole atmosphere of three normal chill guys who have been inducted into a cult is something I need more of. This could be a sitcom; I would watch the heck out of it.

    2. Bryan Puello

      when sam came into the room it scared the hell out of me T_T

    3. Nedim Ayvaz

      Why do I fell like Mark is not enjoying this a bit? This video is boring AS FUCK. I would rather watch Insym instead. He is trying harder at least.

    4. Nedim Ayvaz

      It is so damn painful to watch this

    5. Moosification

      I like how Wade is being more scary than Ana.

    6. Divyansh Khanna

      dude you need to catch the goats by putting down hay

    7. bigboycain

      John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." :)

    8. Ian Watts

      President Obama

    9. Krystekize

      14:42 Im dying. Oooh Hey Saaaaam?

    10. Gavin Maretzki

      "Sam?" "Hey I found a flower." "*UNGHS against door aggressively*"

    11. E B

      I thought Baphomet was the goat demon not Azazel lol.

    12. MustardCat

      I'm not good at scary games and my friends are making me play this tonight.. wish me luck! XD

    13. QueenTurk3y

      Wade coming in out of nowhere is so funny omg

    14. _Rosy Films_

      I laugh at the stupidest things I laughed at “please hold while we Adjust your camera”

    15. first to comment.

      I can do monologues too! Uhhh... USA 2077 Oct. 23, the day the apocalypse began.

      1. 2am anon

        cant hear u tho

    16. Lemonzify

      Loving the Sennheiser headphones, looks good on ya Mark.

    17. Ash vs The world

      1:42 we all know that's a fellow supernatural fan

    18. MOG_ Sampa


    19. Aecus Regen

      For a second there I thought bob was an actual npc "Why do we worship Azazel, why not something cool?"

    20. Frosty Glitch Mobile

      You should play devour with the lowest graphics possible

    21. Destany Aoki

      I need more of these! A good laugh is needed!

    22. kyley peters

      When ya gotta goat, ya gotta goat

    23. Jezebel

      All they needed was Jack and the spuad would've been complete.

    24. Joseph smith

      ...... { ° _ °}?

    25. correnal


    26. AirBorn

      just like Mark Bob Wade dream trio

    27. meofth


    28. DeevilishBeeauty

      Where is the part 2? :C

    29. Capri Pena

      Mark is in charge of the keys, bob is in charge of the flowers, and wade is in charge of the first-aid kits

    30. Reena Miller

      Devour: the game where Wade entering a room is scarier than the actual possessed person.

    31. VanillaVoid

      bob found a flower.

    32. Lilith

      Lmao I looked up azazel and before one of the videos loaded there was an add with someone called Ana in it.

    33. Charles Calvin

      Why does this lady have so much gasoline canisters everywhere?

    34. Paul Maack

      As someone from the real Coyote Valley, can confirm this cult exists

    35. Zelgifah

      Zekinin annesi

    36. Owen Eldridge

      Azazel means scapegoat. Its not a name.

    37. BrandonDman7

      13:01 “oh....” 13:25 she starts crying 14:48 I died 16:16 hello again 16:34 aaaaAAAHHHHH 17:20 more aaaaAAAHHHHH thx gwen \

    38. Kiona McKinney

      I love how Mark finds the flowers first and then Bob is like "hey I found a flower!" with Mark standing next to it staring right at it

    39. Sabrina B.

      Sentence of the video: "I found a flower!" :D :D

    40. Kit Robins

      *Ghostfacers theme blares through shitty radio* "Today we're summoning the demon Azazel, also known as Yellow Eyes. And NOT because of his connection to those stupid Winchesters, this has nothing to do with those assholes! Anyway, meet our new guy; Sam Definitely-Not-Winchester." ------ Wade, sorry, SAM knows a suspicious amount of stuff about this game...Almost like he's psychic or something.

    41. Osman Hayes

      Why do rich and educated people join cults? Being educated to Doing the dumbest thing ever🤷🏽‍♂️

    42. Sonja Lam

      16:00 I love how no one reacted when someone went like "Hey I found Anna" and Mark just kept reading the letter as if it weren't the most shocking thing that could happen

    43. Himanga K. Baruah

      Fact about Azazel: In Hebrew, the word Azazel means the 'scape goat' or total removal. The Bible uses Azazel to refer to the sacrificial goat which help atone for the people's sins. More recently, Azazel became to be known as the Goat-Demon. That's it... sorry for wasting a minute of your lifetime.

    44. MangoMars

      oh my god. i have a kid's abacus in my living room. it's for my cat.

    45. The Ultimizer.

      4:17 My birthday :>

    46. robert mccracken

      Gotta get your vsync on man

    47. Slammin Gameplays

      bob " i heard slammin" me (slammin gamplays) "what"

    48. itsixvy

      Oh hey I found a flower

    49. The TokuTickler

      Is it wrong that when I hear the word Azazel I immediately think of a bunch of chibi demons turning an anime girl into a cow?

    50. Don't you now


      1. Don't you now

        Nice job

    51. Pandachu123

      The Watchers... Reminds me of Drakengard.

    52. ChefMouse

      Drink every time they scream. Warning: you will probably never be able to recover

    53. Andrés Olivares

      WELCOME BACK MARKIPLIER!!!🤩😆. Dude you have no idea how much I’ve been waiting a long time for you to play this game and finally you came. THIS GAME IT’s about things you don’t really wanna expect. This game is fucking scary, Take care of yourself big guy, I wish you good luck 🍀 in your supernatural and horrific mission in this game.

    54. Reece Strawson

      Anyone else notice how this is a copy and paste of pacify's mechanics?

    55. TrickPat Werd

      That’s my ceiling fan

    56. Vie Rots

      butthole sun, won't you come wash away the rain

    57. Noahshad09

      Sam? Nah more like Obama

    58. The Magus Aker’aht

      Azazel is actually an awesome demon. He is one of the Grigori or fallen angels that fell to mount Hermon to teach humanity the art of black smithing and to beget the Nephilim. He is one of my favorite Daemons to conjure.

    59. Ashley G

      Awe he's making jokes about supernatural and they just don't get it lol

    60. Lukas Reimer


    61. Tater Tot

      don’t worry, Wade. we heard your Supernatural reference.

    62. 藝真

      where'd your nose go at 6:12

    63. Alice Roggero

      Oh hey I found a flower🥰

    64. Norah Pines

      Y'all won't shut up about Supernatural, for some reason. All I'm thinking of is the file guards from Pony Island.

    65. Rider Gilwin

      It’s the little things Lixian does. There’s a few videos where Mark sniffs and Lixian edits a massive nose on his face, and it gets me every damn time. Thank you, Lixian.

    66. Juliets_whiskers

      This video in specifics makes me want to join a goat cult 🧏‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    67. Norah Pines

      Cults are so cringe. Like just trust in God smh

    68. Frontier Dustice

      "I can't get stupid butthole sun outta my mouth." - Muyskerm, 2021

      1. the_hunter

        what was that reference to

    69. Mega_Olivia_Y

      hey i found a flower

    70. Cooper Parriott

      butthole sun???

    71. Nick C

      Its funny how calm they approached her

    72. Freak Storm

      Mark seeing the flowers nd waiting for the others to say they found it is amazing and funny to me

    73. KillerPotatoZ

      Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful HUfastr! Hope you have a good day. :3

      1. Stire

        hello fellow osu player hope you can find success

    74. retro shane

      Love how wade scared the shit out of me

    75. Cyphule

      I love how they don’t care about Anna at all

    76. Teh Chicken

      That UV light brought back memorys from Dying Light dude

    77. Robbie Anstead

      Butthole sun! Won’t you come!

    78. Comic Goth

      Fun fact! Azazel was once the angel of sacrifices before he fell and the whole reason he's "the yellow eyed goat demon" is because of the scapegoat ritual he was often apart of! He was also apart of a group of soldier Angel's called "the watchers" which is pretty neat for the watchers of azazel.

    79. Amos Atkims

      Buzz a hole

    80. AletheaisChilllin

      Hey Mark please play and post a video of the game little Nightmares 2. It’s been out since February. The new game of The Last of us 2 is also out.

    81. 사랑Euphoric

      At the end I legit said “Oh my fucking god Wade!!”

    82. Ajehy

      “Who let the goats out? Mark Mark Mark!” Edit: oh god I had that exact same abacus as a kid, and it’s still on a shelf above my desk.

    83. Aiven Enrique

      the last part , i felt my soul leaving my body forcefully as my chest bent outwards and my head stays backward

    84. Maybe_Senpai

      Sam being the 1st jump scare of Devour, scariest Sam? i've ever seen.

    85. TheElectricRaichu

      The Uncertain is a real game on Steam, so I assume it's the same devs.

    86. StarSeeker

      Wade: I'm Sam. Me: *gasp* He's a Supernatural fan!

    87. IndiGhost

      game: 'blistering under the summer sun' game: *takes place entirely at night*

    88. Dondo Golden Rose

      That’s the problem, Jin killed Azazel

    89. Robin Petelin

      I was waiting for one of them to say their name was Dean or Cas after Wade said his name was Sam

    90. moonrose100

      Anna reminds me of Jeff the Killer for some reason...

    91. Dez Becerra

      Sam I am lmao

    92. 5elfishs5cheme

      "maybe we gotta lure i- oh hi ana"

    93. Amara Caroline

      “Going a cult” Unus Annus: HOW DARE-

    94. VOXR700

      this dud still neds to get an intro

    95. KayAbdalla

      Wade walking in was scarier than the whole thing

    96. Nikita Brown

      "There's a time and a place to look at my dump truck of an ass. Now is not the time." SCREAMING

    97. Best girl is 02

      game talks about Azazel: Me a weeb: was that a reference to an anime character

    98. reigen

      why does mark doesnt see any flower infront of him instead his friend found it

    99. Awsumsauz

      Wade is the only demon I see

    100. jajana

      hey guys i think bob found a flower