Markiplier Loses His Sanity Simulator


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    1. Deadcreye

      I like how he lower s the Graphics.. He's on 1440p... lower it to atleast 1080p... It's the higher resolution killing your OBS

    2. Mikko S

      Markiplier looks like Quentin Tarantino when his face went "big brain ideas" lol Btw that losing sanity part and first sign being hallucinations is accurate. I did spend almost a year in the city woods and there when you have nothing to protect you, no walls no gun etc., it can get to you.

    3. BrutalSniperDemon

      Welcome to hell mark

    4. Fatter Cat

      *gets transported* "I guess I'll die, haha."

    5. Wht Rabbit

      I often imagine being instantly transported to the big circle of trash in the ocean and freaking out.

    6. FatePaintedBlue

      If you wanna go for "Syberian Wilderness" fully nude, "The Long Dark" might be the way to go! It's Canada but you get that good, good, free will

    7. Wayne Stewart

      Switch to Linux... Also, good acting Mark!

    8. E2B2

      0:01 Yeah it’s called Poptropica.

    9. Timmy Biggz

      Hey man don't know if you fixed your frame rate issue but the biggest thing that helps is to run OBS as administrator always best it'll automatically put OBS at highest priority

    10. One Conn

      OBS Onsome Bull Shit

    11. Lily Hogan

      I'm so glad Crazy La Paint is back

    12. A.J Sharp

      I feel like Mark would like The Long Dark. Set in the Canadian wilderness, dead of winter, with options for freeform survival. Doesn't really mess with the sanity stuff, but just, surviving against all odds. One of my favorite games!

    13. Aurora Mercier

      Viewers: entirely unbothered by the nearly unnoticeable lag Mark: **mental and emotional breakdown**

    14. Cris Cervantes

      Mark please turn on DLSS

    15. xx •Flaming•Petals• xx

      He's a masochist. You can't tell me otherwise, mark.

    16. Scorpion's Dog

      On a scale of 5 to ten how much is this a Lixian rip-off?

    17. Lt.Ironside-PsychoRage [The 2nd]

      Mark vs Juicy and The Boys edition style

    18. MikhailGamedev

      Why not use the built in windows screen recorder bind: windows + alt + r

    19. THICC Jalter

      I had the OBS issue as well, if you run OBS as admin, it will reserve whatever resources it needs to run smoothly and the lag will go away, even while gaming. Please like so mark can see this :)

    20. mixed gemini

      How I would survive in the Siberian wilderness: RUN AND SCREAM AND GET KILLED BY EVERYTHING

    21. Jadin Stevens

      I will literally become a bear, because if instant teleportation is possible then so is instantly becoming a bear, you can't debate my point because the very argument at hand is based upon an unrealistic scenario And screw you betty crocker

    22. Jena Gayar

      Guys, I think marks losing his mind...

    23. Yassin Mahmoud


    24. Cythonr

      Can anyone tell me why his task manager was censored?

    25. Dylan Davis

      At 11:45 a Steve1989MREinfo reference

    26. Jadea Toth

      I would simply join a clan of polar bears then make them think I’m inferior to them then make the do my bidding

    27. Cole Macintyre

      Has 3090 Has to play on low presets

    28. Goerges Hunt

      I likely wouldn’t survive.

    29. no

      I'd die

    30. Jaxson minardi

      ooooo I love this simulator

    31. blocked juser

      I like how marks videos are going insane right after this

    32. Vance Smith

      "All it takes is one bad day. . ."

    33. Viktorija Budryte

      Why is he in the woods in first place

    34. Alex Easton

      In real life, eating snow can not only make you sick, but will actually _dehydrate_ you. Your body spends more energy generating the heat to melt the snow, and consequently consumes more water than you get from the snow.

    35. Brittany

      Please do fnaf agin I watched matpat live stream and you said you wont play anymore but please

    36. Mr. NPC

      Amy's gonna regret the day she inexplicably wakes up in the Siberian wilderness without her mental prep.

    37. clockFox Gaming

      THIS IS A HORROR GAME ME: um, it just said like, 2 minuets ago, HALLUCINATIONS

    38. bee kid

      you can tell this man's zodiac sign is cancer lmaooo this drama is such cancer behavior

    39. WolfNinjaAlchemist

      i can smell the adhd in this video, its glorious

    40. Karim Alramlawi

      You need to put obs as high priority in task manger

    41. SophistiKitty29

      I can't wait for part 2 of this lmao

    42. StormyStrife

      My OBS works just fine, except I just learned mid-stream that sometimes I need to make a new fucking Gme Capture source just to record a game when an already pre-existing one doesn't work for no reason whatsoever.

    43. Dawn Sprague

      I actually never saw the graphic problem lol

    44. Random Guy

      Trade out the siberian wilderness with apocalyptic frozen Canada and you get The Long Dark, You should try it

    45. Surreal Nirvana

      A good addition to your thought experiment is imagining how you ended up in the middle of Siberia, naked.

    46. Ash G

      Me not understanding what Mark is complaining about OBS........

    47. Solomon King

      First off. I would make simple tools out of rocks and sticks. That way I can collect more materials for shelter, food and clothing. I would immediately kill any fur animals for clothing while using their meat as sustenance. I’d try to then find vantage points that would require minimal effort to get to. Being that in the Siberian wilderness over exertion of energy will eventually lead to a lack of heat. I would survey the area trying to find a close amount of trees, an abandoned cabin or a cave. I would realize soon that my surroundings would affect my sanity due to solitude, so I would make friends out of the skulls of the dead animals I would have hunted. Calling any rabbit jojo, and any wolf chica, and if there was a bird, I’d name it tweety. I would at that time have developed a routine to survive, wake up warm up, hunt, set traps, avoid bears, find several different resource outlets to harvest materials from, then go back to shelter, eat then sleep. Repeating similarly until I’ve mapped out the area within 10 miles. This process though mundane will be safe. I will have established several shelters and several pairs of animal skins, eventually learning how to make cloth. I will have friends day and night due to the over excess of animal skulls. I will the. Start mapping the area 10 miles around every base of opporation until I find civilization, or I will live like this until death. Or until I advance myself until the point where I can in vitro myself to make children. Then die.

    48. Prince Ryan

      I know how Mark feels, except for my problem was an issue with my downloads file.

    49. GreyFromSpace

      o-o mark, why haven't you tried multi computer recording?

    50. Helraal

      My theory: Markiplier knows so much about being teleported into Siberia because it's happened to him once. The counselor assigned to help young Markiplier deal with it then used a combination of drugs and hypnosis to attempt to erase the memory. The experience now resides inside him as a repressed memory of the 29 minutes and 32 seconds he spent trying to survive naked in Siberia before he was teleported back. As a survival instinct, he now repeatedly replays it as a "thought experiment" of how he could have survived if the teleportation experiment had been longer.

    51. Journey

      16:43 Mark: *train noises*

    52. TinyOven

      I would cut myself open and crawl in there to warm myself and survive the night. Wait...

    53. Bakugo Katsukii-_-

      What the fuck just happened 😂😂

    54. Mining NatureYT

      Mark, literally always: I'm not a masochist. BUT- Me: ah there it is

    55. originalcovergirllola

      fun fact: drinking snow will actually NOT hydrate you, it will do the exact opposite

    56. Yannick Pauyungie-Caron

      Something tells me that its your motherboard Reason why i say this: Graphics Card is as best as possible, Ram As High as Possible, Motherboard is the last option but this is my limited knowledge

    57. Cherrygalaxy XXXSAVAGEWOLF

      He really is going insane 😂 what has happened.

    58. Cherrygalaxy XXXSAVAGEWOLF

      My dudes What about all the ladies 😨

    59. Charles Suiza

      *Markiplier plays a game that makes him lose his sanity* I Am Bread, Octodad, Pogostuck, Getting Over It and its spoofs, Vanish: So we're a joke to you?

    60. AustonTGaming

      I can't imagine id survive very wrong, I immediately imagined myself being eaten by a bear. Slowly

    61. No hay sonido

      Lose his sanity? Even more?

    62. heunam

      i have this same exact thought, so much so that i have honestly planned for learning russian for fun with this excuse

    63. MoonGangster

      17,053rd comment

    64. TheTard The first and only

      Don't eat york peppermint Pattys😉

    65. Eternalcitrus

      How would I survive? I simply wouldn't

    66. Brett Shreve

      That moment when marks low settings look 100x better than my ultra settings 😭

    67. Landon Petersen

      Sees bloody coat........Nice

    68. Kiya Williams

      Become one with the bear population

    69. Mama Yaw

      boyo i can barely find the will to survive in high-tier poverty america you think i'm going to find the will to brave a winter hellscape in siberia XD you kid

    70. doubleblade

      did u set obs as priority on task manager

    71. SoggyBreadMan

      I do the exact same thing, where I imagine how I'd survive in certain scenarios, except most usually take place in my hometown and instead the world around is somehow changed. Some of these would include: Being the last human on earth having to fight off wildlife and disease... Stocking up on food and having to prepare my house to be completely light proof in preparation for SCP 001 "When Day Breaks"... Preparing for a 70 year long Ice Age... Ect. I don't know why I think of these things, I guess its just kinda fun to imagine them and strategize, despite how horrible they would actually be.

    72. PyroAsura

      Mark: I'm not a masochist! Me: I'm not saying you're wrooong, but most sadistics are also masochists ಠ3ಠ

    73. S N I F F, S N I F F M Y N O S E SMELLS F E A R

      I would get resources, and food, and a heat source, then thanks to my stupidity i would burn all my resources and food with said heat source, and then probably die, due to said stupidity

    74. Shadow Wolf Gaming

      You mean getting over it wasn't losing sanity simulator? Oh wow

    75. Mike Audi

      maybe try fullscreen instead of borderless, and using the game capture mode in OBS instead? or get a dedicated stream/recording computer and use a capture card?

      1. Mike Audi

        Also, just noticed you both run two monitors and have them both running off the graphics card, which will increase the base GPU usage as well.

    76. Markfilms

      He just think that he done some bad thing he's not bad person but well it's mistake you know

    77. Valeria Cristiano

      I would simply not survive

    78. MystrKnight

      Now we know why he has a tactical shovel.

    79. Shariplayzz

      That moment when I’m tryna be a youtuber and had no idea what software to use and found out Mark uses OBS like I do 🥺😱 now I’m hyped haha

    80. The Radioactive Gamerz

      Me who wont even run this with 2 fps on least setting:✌🏻peace out

    81. Maddox Burks

      Me:whats Markiplier greatest enemy? Friend: Jacksepticeye? Me: nope Friend: Pewdiepie? Me: nope Friend: i give up whats his enemy? Me: OBS Friend: that makes sense

    82. Maddox Burks

      Markimoo could be the greatest nariator on the planet if he wanted to bc if he read me a story id probally fall asleep XD

    83. 0Dexter00

      Did this just happen or did I just notice it and it has been going onfor a while? Mark has a fuckboi earing? When did that happen?

    84. Captain Bumbles

      have you been watching Naked and Afraid the Tv Show? lol

    85. Baby Cat

      Mark we don't care about how good the game looks (ok so some people do care), we just want to see you playing games that we either can't afford, don't know how to get, or can't be bothered to get. You don't need to have a panic attack about these things, if anything, we'd want you to have as great an experience as we do watching your videos!

    86. Vanlynn

      In Task Manager make OBS Realtime in the Details tab

    87. Pharaun 101

      This game reminds me of the long dark! But with more tutorials lol

    88. sw0ggers

      how would i survive you say? i wont. i will get pwned by a bear.

    89. Windlocked

      I want to see Mark play The Long Dark now, to really put his winter survival to the test

    90. Papa Flashss

      Graphics had a pubg moment, nice to OH GOD

    91. Trinity Britton

      How many times do you think Mark has said, "I'm not a masochist." Lmao

    92. Master Dragon

      The game actually looks really fun BUT THANKS OBS FOR SUCKING ASS

    93. EDOGG

      today we will be watching mark having a meltdown on camera

    94. EDOGG

      mark will TELL you

    95. Cameron C.

      This video is NOT sponsored by Alienware.

    96. Megan Lee

      Prioritize obs in task manager

    97. JhongYT

      I was thinking of a better title but the title is just perfectly accurate