MY ADHD NIGHTMARE | Papers Please - Part 1


3 M megtekintés124

    Travelling to Canada required EVEN MORE paperwork than Paper's Please does so this should be interesting...
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    Közzététel: 4 napja


    1. Mikkel Studios

      Finally comrade plays comrade game... GLORY TO AZTOTSKA

    2. Brian Wells

      i love how he rarely uused the book which caused him to make so many mistakes

    3. Aidan Sanchez

      17:53 i love this

    4. PizaCrusT

      iz it nice in canada? ya

    5. frost bite 84

      Why is there a nudity option??

    6. Skeleton_Boyy132

      Face cam is now mirror, door, wall, wall, pillow, light switch, face cam

    7. Chantel N

      aren't you an accountant go account for something lmao

    8. Jean Carla Alag

      please play the game PLAY DEAD'S INSIDE

    9. Pii Sss

      Its funny that lixian is better at this game than mark is

    10. Daniel Cortez

      The Canadian anthem at the beginning was hilarious. Lmao 😂

    11. Jesse LeStache

      I like the tone of voice he said "no thank you" to nudity. Like it was a treat to not have nudity. Or maybe it's just that everything Mark does is sexy. Who knows.

    12. Brendan North

      9:42 this is a great representation to when i am preparing for an exam

    13. Unworthy Tech0

      “I’m willing to bet.. there’s a quick reference guide”

    14. ShinigamiH

      It’s almost like Canadians treat us like immigrants when we want to go to their country

    15. Nikolintau

      Why i assumed this video was old? Because mark webcam backround ant it is darker than usual? I have no idea

    16. ct b

      Mark really does absolutely everything but go to the "how to play" tab in every game possible

    17. RyeBry Music

      Oh my god you have ADHD? That explains a lot lol - A fellow ADDer

    18. ara ara

      am i crazy or has he definately played this before-

    19. Ellegias 245

      As a Canadian I was singing to the Canadian anthem you put in the back. Great comedic touch

    20. Iman Khalis Mohd Fadli Adha

      Wow I thought you already played this

    21. Anthonyeet

      This hurts my soul

    22. Night Catty


    23. Nevardium

      Canada is pretty epic ngl

    24. Fallerin

      *reads title* Ah so he has ADHD too?

    25. PixelCloudy

      As a Canadian citizen and a person that has been watching Markiplier for years now.. Want some maple syrup? AND WHERE WERE YOU I-

    26. Arctic Fox

      I love how when he had to study he just started singing

    27. Carlson Ray Withers

      Arstotzka is the greatest! Well second to jorji potato man

    28. Z-Nitro

      *Invalid Gender...* Mark: "YOU DON'T KNOW THAT." Mark, there are many reasons passports/IDs exist in the first place - gender/sex confirmation is one of them. Just play the game and don't think about that pointless trash.

    29. DanRage47

      Goodness, not even JackSepticEye messed up this badly. GET TEH FUCK OUTTA MY LINE!!!

    30. Chewykiller101

      Yeeess he is playing papers please sean played it now mark let's see who is funnier

    31. iiJordan_Law

      24:30 But he's obviously a Male tho, eyy your being easy on them 😂

    32. Nikola Bulajic

      18:20 Mitrovic Zoran 😂😂

    33. Darc Hart94

      What kind of idiot runs away to Canada, they have some of the strictest immigration laws. The US needs those kinda laws

    34. Jadelyn Jackson

      Never seen someone struggle this much with this game.

    35. Tyler Brady

      see i know its the first ep but he barely uses the error finder thing

    36. IAmVinnieYT

      I live in Canada (Quebec) and I'm actually very scared of the day I'll visit America because of the paperwork that'll make me very anxious and probably will make the officers very suspicious of me because of my "troubling behavior" but yeah, otherwise Canada is pretty cool and I feel better knowing you visited us, Mark. ;)

    37. sephjnr

      Mark: Pain and suffering Jack: G L O R Y T O A R S T O T Z K A

    38. }{y

      funny beep button

    39. Bam Brenda

      Meh heh heh, being native to Canada just means I need little amount of things

    40. James Willie

      25:45 YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DETAIN HIM!!! He probably called someone over the border to find his rat.

    41. James Willie

      24:20 yes but you can clearly see he's a man xD. You don't just have someone tell you their gender and listen when you can clearly see with your eyes xD

    42. MrManTyler

      1:36 oh are you so sure about that, *sees every markiplier papers please animatic*

    43. ZombieNeko

      In this game they dont care about what gender you are. Don't get too confident it will get harder each day.

    44. zeebo30

      Mark feeling uncomfortable denying someone based on their gender marker makes me feel fuzzy inside :D

    45. INF_ Infinity


    46. Cursed_Oswald.

      ayyy an old gaem bein popular again

    47. The Obnoxious Gamer

      I’m VERY certain Mark’s played through this before.

    48. Kyle Berg

      Mark actually let the guy's wife through! He's the first player I've seen who did that!

    49. Justin Jc

      Please do the EZIC Ending.....

    50. advanced ape

      imagine trying to go to Arstotzka but you get rejected and you don't know why.

    51. megamiKitsune

      the ADHD energy is really palpable in this playthrough. truly quite a good example of how too many at once could make someone with ADHD lose focus so quickly. so much details became so lost to Mark really fast all while he's also basically "running a show" and not simply playing the game for his own pleasure.

    52. Chiken Nugget

      Mark is denfilty sleepy take a f***ing nap

    53. Cyphero2

      13:18 What Mark actually said was "Immigrate Forever," he was reading from Mikhail's entry permit.

    54. Rayne Lacatan

      I wish i can download this video because its damn funny

    55. Poop Looser64

      Canadian Citizenship, get outta here

    56. Cyphero2

      1:40 Ah yes, the best part of Markiplier let's plays, those 8K fucking pores.

    57. roflnagi15

      imagine using a second screen to check stuff you have in the book in game ok that is ACTUALLY big brain time

    58. Emily Kveldulv

      game, smugly - "invalid gender" mark, painedly - YOU DONT KNOW THAT!!! me, transly - They, in fact, do not know that

    59. SW

      But Mr potato man...8:11

    60. Cloud

      i just had flashbacks of Jacksepticeye and "Little potato man" soon as i read this

    61. BrokenBoys - Marlboroso

      This game just feels like work xd

    62. Renegade •

      i really wished jack commented on this first episode “takes me back”

    63. Jon Massey

      Please keep playing this Mark I'm loving it

    64. Miles Lugo

      Welcome to the pandemic and the Draconian Travel/quarantine laws

    65. 05-14 [05 COUNCIL]


    66. Micaela Calvetti

      He can say dickhole but he can’t yell fuck repeatedly in rage?What kinda society...

    67. glass sound effect

      Saw adhd, have adhd, click

    68. Blake Remy

      What do you need if you dont work to go there

    69. Luke Summers

      the epic study montage needs its own video, and its own song

    70. Sebastian S

      9:41 me at school. I can't wait to get out of this jail called "school"

    71. Mr. Salamander

      canada is a fucking police state bruh

    72. Luna Enserric

      Man. So many of those terror people.

    73. Scarlet wings

      I love everyone in the comments acting like Jack wasn’t also clowning at the game when he first started out

    74. Norah Pines

      What the heck, Canada. Why so many rules and so much beaurocracy?

    75. RealUchihaMadara

      I was expecting him to go better than jack in this game cuz he has such good perception in games

      1. Scarlet wings

        I saw this coming from a mile away, as someone who also has ADHD Sometimes you can have some inhuman perception skills, but it’s usually in the form of tunnel vision lmao. It’s very hard to juggle multiple different things to pay attention to at the same time, especially under pressure. Papers please is also just as much about short term memory as it is observation, and adhd can sometimes mess up your short term recall when it’s least convenient

    76. CyboReaper

      14:39 had me cracking up just the attempt at justification it was just spot on funny

    77. cosmicamos

      Me a Canadian who's been here since birth: I hate it here. Welcome to Canada I guess. (yes i know Canada is a lot better than some countries stfu)

    78. KaelMurdoc95

      Sean should train you to take the job a bit more seriously lol. jk love u bro

    79. Anime_fan

      Education at the beginning of the video Me: welp I'm not going to Canada anymore

    80. OneButtMan

      Canadian Immigration: You technically aren't a citizen until you've lived here for 1-5 years. US Immigration: Damn you aren't even here legally? Well there's literally 10 bajillion loopholes that allow you full citizenship if you do your homework, one of the easiest being joining the Military. But as long as you don't flaunt your immigration status around you will probably get away with it.

    81. nai nai

      Mark, im too high for this intro.

    82. Hannah D

      at 5:06 - damn double homicide

      1. Hannah D


    83. Vinny

      No nudity?! Bruh who are you and what did you do with Mark

    84. Cool Guy


    85. Robert Anderson-Gatt

      Do you like our colourful money? xD

    86. Ajah S.

      Who remembers “the ass blasting BitchaLoid” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @9:57 those were the days

    87. PIGIN JpWp2

      And that’s why I love Canada

    88. Corwin Shrewsbury

      Aah a classic, thanks mark this game reminds me of my highschool friends.

    89. Kelly Thornton

      Welcome to Canada! 🇨🇦

    90. John Riddle

      10:00 literally me studying for anything ever😂

    91. Joy

      i thought is was old because it was in my recommended i thought i was like 6 years ago or some crap

    92. wolfwriterRodger

      does Mark think everyone who played this game went full Galaxy Brain mode and just memorized it all

    93. Shane Laverick

      The one series I’ve been so excited for him to play and now it’s finally here!

    94. Gaming with reconbro1110

      We have a terrible immagration system. and a terrible covid system.

    95. R S

      god I felt the ''YOU DON'T KNOW THAT'' deep in my soul I'm constantly paranoid that I'll get pulled over or something in between the time of me being able to change the gender marker on my license and my name, and that it won't end well

    96. Aikawa Kano Ch.

      "How would I know this?!" Do what Jack did. Write. It. Down.

    97. Interesting Tuna

      10:51 what was that word starting with an “n” there Mark?

    98. Bryan Ruiz-Acosta

      It was painful catching the mistakes before he approved them and you're just sat there yelling at the screen😂

    99. Aikawa Kano Ch.

      I really would love to see Mark collab with the Sheriff. If you know, you know.

    100. Eli

      intro story tl:dr = Justin Trudeau is a moran. You're welcome.