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    This game of UNO will never... ever... end...
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    1. Ethan Miller

      The fuck is WASUN

    2. veronica young

      Marks laugh at 27:23 the amount of build up to that laugh greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life🤣 but also scared me as well🤣

    3. Lil_Ch3x _PDX01

      De-fart station seemed to have tickled Bob

    4. Coleman trant

      I swear I've watched this 15 times waiting for the next uno episode

    5. Fox Landschoot

      Bob: wait a minute Me: fill my cup put some liquor in it

    6. Spooneru

      The longest Uno game with 28min? **Looks at my 2 hour long recorded Uno game** Pathetic!

    7. jieyanni

      Wasun is genuinely the funniest thing ever

    8. 8BitBruche

      I dunno, did they ever hear about Uno the Movie?

    9. Madiie_0

      god i forgot how funny uno could be

    10. Carson hess


    11. S 5

      14:21 you're welcome

    12. Fifi Fifi

      Who wants to see more uno vids?? Like if you agree.


      In the thumbnail, mark looks like joel

    14. Aqueous_Fireball

      I just realized that in the thumbnail his beard goes into his mouth

    15. Slendyproxy 16

      who else was questioning who Globox was throughout the entire video- (no just me ok XD

    16. Blue-Maned Hawk

      Not watching this video because you know how its single round is going dfai pa roi spjq i8c niij oj iosure oIJom adnasjnas dknf ljuh JOI IU OU IIU Gjkdfnk jhsfnzjsf ghgd

      1. Katie Fields

        @Blue-Maned Hawk Alright! :^D

      2. Blue-Maned Hawk

        @Katie Fields : Not even remotely! (-:

      3. Katie Fields

        Are you ok

    17. Dr. Jack Bright

      Let's go, perfectly timed watching Mark the second of my birthday.

    18. RadSIMP

      _W A S U N_

    19. Shareef Holston

      Ahhhhhh!!! 1:42: hidden gym (+ 18:13)

    20. David Gaming

      21:39 Welp, Mark broke me. Now I know how I feel when he's playing either the Don't Laugh or Try Not To Laugh Challenge.

    21. wardogkiller 45

      I don't believe that this is the longest game believe me if you want but me and my friends had a 2 and a fucking half hour game.

    22. Malachi A

      WHERE'S THE ballSMITH!?!?

    23. Chaninzard674

      Petition to make “Wasun” a new way to say “thank you”

    24. Chris C

      7:00 I love them weaponizing Mark like 'Get em, Mark!' 'What am I gonna do, this?' 'OH GOD DANMIT!' *draws cards* 'GET YA, MARK' Bob, im turning on you- whatever this does!' *gets wade instead*

    25. kaleb Reisner

      I don't think we give Lixian enough credit for editing these vids so perfectly

    26. Shreyaans Das


    27. Joey Guzman

      I've watched this video everyday since it was posted and it still cracks me up.

    28. Cactus Cuddles

      dang that was such a long game, can't believe it took me a whole month to finish this

    29. Studio M5

      "That may have been the world's fastest game of uno" I played uno with one friend (because I have only one 😔) I won in one turn

    30. Asashi Blaze

      God protected your and your other friends lives there Wade, not either of your time's yet.

    31. Joe P.

      The longest game of UNO ever even though its not the longest video?

      1. Joe P.

        Its still a good video also I know it was long for them

    32. icleazt 912


    33. MoonGangster

      6,753th comment

    34. Sean Budman

      Wade: OH FOR **** SAKE THIS IS THIS HAND!!! Me: Tehehe poor Wade, he got Mark’s hand


      What the media think the people want: “KSI vs Jake Paul”. What the people actually want: **Globox vs Barbara**

    36. Peter Malloy

      i love how bob said "we're clambering to the finish!!" at 19:06, about 10 minutes before the finish actually happened


      19:59 wasun

    38. TrebleVGM

      23:43 I feel like everyone glossed over this Wade sound

    39. Hult Dubwoofer

      thats an uno revers speedrun

    40. Kíofea

      Mark devolved back into Wilford Warfstache at the end there...

    41. Bryce McQuiston

      The little faces Lixian puts over Wades face are hilarious

    42. octivia p

      mark, bob and wade ALWAYS make me crack up

    43. Hannah TP

      If anyone was curious, the cloud disappears at 19:43

    44. Garrick Schultz

      21:48 Jesus christ, Bob's cucktopus noises have be laughing my entire ass off at 2:30 in the morning. I physically hurt from laughing too hard.

    45. LadyKage

      New favorite quote from bob... “Wasun“

    46. TheMythicalMatty

      11:52 Bob: Challenge him! *His* lying!

    47. Collin Evans

      Huniepop is apparently age restricted when I just watched it a few weeks ago

    48. STEEL- Train95

      9:07 wade sounds like the guy from the super smash brothers games and I can't unhear it😂😂😂

    49. Blake Cacini

      Top Wade moments of this video: -3:24 yaaay! -3:51 nicely done, hero -1:09 phucking hell -6:00 i had 2 cards -8:10 giving you this hand -8:24 your reckoning is here -8:59 fruit tition -9:31 ballsmith -13:00 he cheated -18:12 aaaaa -20:16 defartestation -21:10 for phuckin' uncles -21:37 dont be a cucktopus

      1. Butterfly

        Ayy you made the top Wade moments. 👍

    50. Pearl the Art Queen

      Lixian must have a lot of fun editing these videos 🤣🤣

    51. am person?

      27:47 'That might have been the world's fastest game of Uno' *Me getting flashbacks to those times I would get destroyed in a matter of minutes by that girl I played with in spanish class*

    52. LFVGamer Bro

      Muyskerm confirm DaBaby

    53. Graeme Cooper

      The way Mark and Bob's voices were in sync at 14:29 was pretty incredible

      1. Patrick Baker

        That is impressive

    54. tae man

      i always like how bob and mark have the same thought at the same time and say it at the same time too. like right here 6:01

    55. Duke dash wolf gg22

      I love how they chant "we're doing it!"

    56. Benny Cartoons

      18:52 18:54 21:41

    57. Brendan LeMaire


    58. Furiia

      This is the best series xD

    59. Anime_lover

      Let’s get him to 30M subs!

    60. Tromboneman [YuuY]

      7:01: What am I gonna do? This? Get me Mark! There you go! *G O D D A M N I T*

    61. Chaninzard674

      I start to zone out and the next thing I hear from Wade is “UCK!”

    62. Gazvids

      I hope they keep this going forever cause it’s too funny

    63. idk anymore

      no one: mark: YEAyeyeaho ie doou

    64. Secret Spaghetti Freak

      Wade makes the best noises XD

    65. Black Wrath

      I was laughing my rear-side off at the co**ta****!! I re-winded that part at least twenty times while I cried laughing thanks for making my day!!!

    66. Emily Kaulback

      Okay little nightmare 2!

    67. Amy Bishop


    68. HotTamali8

      Where's the forest? 😭💔... But great vid

    69. CWT ElmersGlue

      I once started a challenge that we won’t get off till the ink game is finished, that one singular game lasted 6 hours. Two of us tapped out and me and one other were physically trying to end the game. we started at 10 and it endedat 4 in the morning.

    70. Pug Corp

      How globox hack

    71. Lincoln Nguyen

      The face edits made it so good i was laughing to death

    72. Ayden Garcia

      You think uno is long try risk that’s 10000000000 times longer

    73. Kay Kat

      Can we talk about how snazzy Mark looks in that shirt

      1. Unreasonable Comedy

        Im sad ab his hair tho

    74. JoeyTDoesThings

      20:52 Wait, can we leave it re- [Stroke intensifies]

    75. Ana C.

      My longest game of uno lasted literally 5 hours, i can guarantee you im still traumatized

    76. yourboy hunter14

      I love his uno videos, you don't know what to expect and it's fucking hilarious

    77. Tiffany Doug

      Old Markiplier came out there at the end for a sec 😂

    78. random person

      When you wasun: 19:55

    79. PJOZeus

      The 'He's Doomed?' part, honeslty just reminded me of Factorio Death World, and am now sad that that series never continued

    80. David Nogales VA

      Thats nothing, one time my friends and i started a game of UNO on a train ride from Palmdale to Los Angeles in California, we started it when we got on, we got to LA, and it still wasnt over.

    81. Crystal Cake


    82. LolNoel

      Was the whole video just one game?


      That glitch thing that made say globox was hacking that happened to me once it was a bunch of draw fours and a hacker

    84. Bmichael127

      Whole vid was 1 game lmao

    85. Mario Super Mario

      Like to hear the laughs Mark👍

    86. Shadowspitt


    87. Wolfatron 39

      27:30 YOU KNOW I DO

    88. Tsm_ Chiuy

      Bruh both Mark and Globox did the plus 2 TWICE LMFAO XD Dude, "We're doing it, we're doing it, we're doing it (×10). AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" LOL "Mark, don't be a cocktapus thi- oh f*ck sake..." Lmao xd

    89. Hollowichigo7

      Literally had a round two days ago lasted and hour

    90. emptyforrest

      i am so annoyed that none of my friends wanna play UNO with iwht me :(

    91. BGaming YT

      14:25 We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it We’re doing it

    92. Dr. Tex

      Famous last words: "You got any more red, Mark?"

    93. Zoey MacDonald

      I couldn't stop watching the part where they just said we're doing it so hilarious

    94. Soldier Man

      I can imagine Globox also chanting "We're doing it we're doing it we're doing it!" XD


      wabe hate barbara and mark

    96. UKWolf

      You have obviously not heard of uno, the movie

    97. DoofusBoy

      You laugh at the thumbnail but in 50 years' time, these three men are still gonna be doing this and that thumbnail won't have been edited.

    98. SilverFlight01

      You all got real close a few times to finishing, but then something causes that to turn around. Then Mark is lucky enough to get two Reds and win.

    99. Reaper Knight Ralex

      I live for markiplier uno games

    100. A10N50 Macias

      One time I played uno with my brothers we were playing for so long our mom had to check on us because it was so quiet and my brothers just wanted the game to be over, but I kept on changing the colors. In the end I won... twice. They were so pissed.