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    Well it turns out that once you join a cult you're apparently ALWAYS in that cult... huh! Who knew?
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    1. Ooga booga

      This game still scares the shit out of me

    2. kaniamia

      I’ve seen a couple different streams of this game, and this is the first time I’ve seen the players react to burning the first goat with as much elation as the in-game cultists.

    3. Mia Kate

      15:50 yo why Anna looking kinda fine here...

    4. Super Kami Guru

      The weirdest thing just happened. I'm watching this for at least third time. The first two times never even flinched, but today at 11:33 I just screamed. My position in my chair hasn't changed, my face remained stone cold, I just opened my mouth screamed without realizing it at first and then went back to how I was. Am I cursed or something?

    5. shiina

      15:44 that scared the shit out of me so bad I threw my glass of coke and now there’s glass in my arm

    6. PeePeeFard

      Phasmo type shit?

    7. Nedim Ayvaz

      bad game

    8. Nedim Ayvaz


    9. Nedim Ayvaz

      It took them literally one and a half videos to figure out what to fucking do in this game. The first video was a pain for itself to watch.

    10. The Goblin

      19:41 I love how perfectly Mark's scream transitions into the jumpscare

    11. Hotbread100

      Now, can they complete the game? I really wanna see the burned all the goats ending

    12. ZeldaMaster64

      A large majority of the comments is about Mark letting Bob claim he found the flowers, but an elite subset of commenters mention Alcina Dimitrescu's slight appearance at 3:06

    13. jess adams

      is this the same wade from dlive and entoan!!

    14. Chad P

      Y'all need to put a bell on Wade

    15. Metalhead by Design - The Metalhead Mompreneur

      i made a "Hey i found a flower" bracelet

    16. Jaden Fish

      It took them halfway through the last episode to figure out how to start the game

    17. Abbey Grozav

      Is there more??

    18. Nomit00

      14:36, Mark spawncamps a demon

    19. Shuichi Saihara

      There is probably a 99% chance you might never see this but, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for making me laugh and smile. You make me happy when I'm down. I guess what I'm tryna say is, you really do bring out the real me and I bet everyone could agree. You are an amazing, sweet, kind and gentle person. I could be writing for days on how much you mean to me and so many others. Thank you for being here and helping me come this far in life. You may not know me but, I care about you a lot! I love you so much, Markiplier

    20. Killer KIA

      did no one else see lady dimitrescu just there, behind mark? at 3:06

    21. Jeremy Fields

      I love markiplier’s outro music

    22. Krōw

      Oh hey I found a flower

    23. Ooglie Booglie

      Wade is scarier than the monster

    24. earth ben

      10:50 Gay 😩🏳️‍🌈

    25. jack spicer

      Devour more like da flower

    26. Social Fox

      Markiliers being wholesome while pointing out flowers to Bob. Its also annoying since he just looks at em and....... Mmmmm. No I don't likey

    27. Lukas Reimer


    28. Koto cat

      Playroom key the goats

    29. Jaya Georgiades

      When Mark went to go upstairs to help Bob and Anna was at the top of the stairs I spilt juice everywhere. It caught me off guard a bit lmao

    30. Sonja Lam

      I love how the three of them completely bumbled around the house for 2 episodes but haven't gotten the idea that they had to burn the goats


      BUZZ THE HOLE! BUZZ THE HOLE! BUZZ THE HOLE! *demonic ritual words*


      Yo, mark found all the flowers bob!

    33. EnderalPhantom

      I have to question Anna's logic here, she's sacrificing *goats* for a *goat* demon

    34. EnderalPhantom

      Sams? development Is crazy

    35. SnekaLex AKA Cenanem


    36. WinterMage

      I made the mistake of watching this just before bed. Sorry not sorry?

    37. Deucey Dee

      Are they ever gonna replay and beat the game? Doesn't seem right to just leave it at a loss

    38. Roxxy

      12:32 I almost yEETED my phone

    39. Snake Vods

      mark, bob and wade vids are my fav vids. keep 'em coming!

    40. Victoria Phillips

      1000/10!!! Please try again and try to win I love watching you guys play this!

    41. Aime Serrano

      The sacaras mis funny 😄

    42. Mathew Abraham

      Please make a series on warframe that you played 3 years ago I'm gonna type on as many videos I can every day so please like so that mark can see this msg

    43. m8 itz. Samurai

      Thatveganteacher watching like: 👁👄👁

    44. Tethiroth

      "I found that flower." - Bob, 2021

    45. Louis Oddie

      once they figured out how the game worked i thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay

    46. Rufusing

      I got a devour add on this

    47. Sarah Crowley

      This is intense!! Lol! Love it!

    48. KillerPotatoZ

      Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful HUfastr! Hope you have a good day. :3

    49. Mac SH

      Mark’s eyes in the thumbnail are animatronic!

    50. A Bunch of Socially Awkward Atoms

      It's so funny when they run from Ana and make the weirdest words combos

    51. Meggie Mills

      When he found the last goat instead of going for the revive I internally cringed. He would've had to drop the goat, pick up the fuel, grab a haystack and try to find where it ran and grab it again. Also that's why I put like three stacks of hay on the ground there so i can drop it, get the fuel, goat's ready to be grabbed and then grab the fuels which we'd have all 10 conveniently there from the start and a couple of medkits so we can just come out if we're downed to our sole survivor and they can revive us.

    52. Comic Goth

      Fun fact! Azazel was once the angel of sacrifices before he fell and the whole reason he's "the yellow eyed goat demon" is because of the scapegoat ritual he was often apart of! He was also apart of a group of soldier Angel's called "the watchers" which is pretty neat for the watchers of azazel.

    53. AletheaisChilllin

      Hey Mark please play and post a video of the game little Nightmares 2. It’s been out since February. The new game of The Last of us 2 is also out.

    54. Kacket Naopacke

      sh*t went from 0 to a 100 real quick

    55. Bruhify National Guard


    56. Grizz

      i love how mark hints where the flowers are for his mates

    57. Littletimelord 27

      Mark: * knows of flower* Also mark: *hints at flower* Bob: “ hey guys I Found A Flower.”

    58. Shipping. Vibes

      Scariest thing in a horror video game: Wade

    59. Annahedghog 28799

      When your name is anna

    60. Platypuses united

      More more more more more

    61. Yama S

      I hope you guys plays this again and win🤣

    62. Ren & Sky Plays

      Mark complimenting them everytime they find a flower by saying "Nice find dude" or "Great find" gives me life

    63. Alniko Amri

      Any1 realize Lady Dimitrescu in 3:07

    64. Alice RGA

      16:00 so we not gonna talk ab the audio in the background...? ok then-

    65. Miss Cinny

      “AHHH OMG Hey I found a flower.”

    66. Vickie Sharma

      24:45 is it just me or does that sound oddly familiar with the phasmophobia death sound

    67. Dusto

      Markiplier: **breaths** Bob: hey I found a flower

    68. Tyler Donovan

      I found a flower.

    69. I’m just a boring person YT

      What if the cult did something to Ana and made her into that think of it it’s a cult

    70. •Tøasty Trøubles•

      Wade is definitely the scariest one here

    71. Ryker Beaver

      when they mentioned Anna stubbing her toe it reminded me of those behind the scenes or b movie scenes like scary movie when the monster/villain hurts themself

    72. khari montgomery

      jeez her teeth too yellow to be screaming

    73. Mihir Potnis

      "Classic Toe stub"

    74. Tenisha Wallace-Barber

      17:22 😂😂😂😂 and 18:04 😂😂😂😂

    75. Zach

      In my many years if watching mark, the jumpscare when mark was going upstairs to save Bob actually got me

    76. Ang Aiello

      mark 1:11 thats just anna

    77. Brooke B

      I want another vid of this ❤️

    78. Callum Lawton

      i am doing a fat shit

    79. Maliyah Snow

      This reminds me of Pacify!

    80. Imagin artist

      G0ats is angry

    81. John Hines

      I just saw there is no and immediately thought “there is no war in Ba Sing Se” 😀

    82. Zakle

      Why is no one talking about how Mark stole Bob's key at 4:53?

    83. Ethan Evans

      “What do goats eat?” I verbally said Goats eat Oats

    84. Zapwag


    85. Annabelle Husband

      The “i found a flower” from bob through the videos is funny asf

    86. ZephyrFluous

      This whole time I just feel bad for the bb goats

    87. Brooklyn Cunningham

      I found flower guys look ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

    88. sergeant mason

      19:40 Mark: Nevermind teamwork is for ba AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    89. pawsandbreathe

      I commend ye with a gg

    90. Im2011

      Whatever happened with Lordminion777?(Wayne)

    91. Ejs Ffj

      Hi mark

    92. Tiffany H

      Mark : Blue light buzzes flower Bob: Oh i found a flower

    93. metalgod

      pump and dump and im right haha best s h i t ever

    94. Matías Segovia

      19:42 looks like an interdimensional ghost shout is like music for the automatic translator

    95. ghost

      i love the fact that anna is supposed to be the main enemy but they treat it like she’s just chilling there

    96. BloodTroller

      Beat it. NOW!

    97. thecool thelast


    98. bob of bob

      She sounds like a call of duty black ops runner zombie when the goats get burned

    99. Earl McCay

      2:22 no, but I have a master bation key

    100. The Taco Squirrel

      Ana's last name literally means "Door" in spanish lmao