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    We manage to get the rebreather which... allows us to go to places we should not go...
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    1. fed

      Are u gonna continue the series orrrrrr?

    2. Dakota Jones

      The plane crash has random crash sights, that's probably why it is not on the map as a landmark

    3. Liam Skeen

      More raft

    4. Angel Artist

      I can't wait to see more of these video's!

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    6. Koren Live

      i binged this entire series in one day and now i await the next one

    7. Etienne Corbaux

      Hope you guys will still play this game. This series was so good.

    8. Tyler Shelton

      Please continue the forest series I love it

    9. Ethaniel Duenos


    10. Junior Ulberg

      Please do more The Forest Series, "Can't Hold On Much LONGERRRRRRRRRR!"

    11. Noah Martin

      More please

    12. Sidharth Bathla

      Still waititng for the next epoisode

      1. DotDash Gaming

        Yeah, same.

    13. mrmcthiccc

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    14. Michaela Cullanine

      double cheeked

    15. Jorian Snow

      Please make more

    16. vinny Smoot


    17. Helen Lewis

      Just waiting for part 13

    18. Jiggles

      Mark you continuing the series it's awesome and you are close to the ending. It's been a while since ya uploaded one of these.

    19. Bryan Elliott

      Next episode Please. Thanks. appreciate. Tsks

    20. Skylar Shum

      we gotta tell em to keep playing this is too much fun to watch

    21. GreenCrazy YT


    22. CAT

      Why did no one say anything about the giant skull tower outside the cave

    23. hawkterb78 gaming

      I wish that this series would continue

    24. Kit Akagame

      There’s a way to find Timmy and save him!

    25. Joseph Wardell

      Boy I wish they finish it

    26. Lucas Read

      It awesome

    27. Lucas Read

      Please continue

    28. gupi6


    29. lemon pult pvz channel

      Do more the forest now

    30. WeezyPacMan

      Don't let this die

    31. Saddest Blue

      Does anyone know the song used at the very begging during the recap

    32. SuperIntenseGamer v1

      Mark. Pls finish this.

    33. tiny hands

      please continue thisssss

    34. Amber Francis

      MARKKKK please the addiction to this series is not helping

    35. Eh

      The plane isn't on the map because it lands in different spots

    36. 1つの真のワル

      So I guess they just stopped playing lol

    37. Albert Lopez


    38. Nethershark 1

      where next video maaaaaaaaaaaaaaark

    39. Teenie

      they lost the whole plot of the story like where is timmy

    40. Orion LaBare

      PLEAAASe Finish the gaaaaamw

    41. Ali Chughtai


    42. ScreamingDyldo DYLDO

      I enjoyed the absolute crap out of watching these, PLEASE CONTINUE THE SERIES 😩

    43. Jordan l

      :( bring these backkkk

    44. Taco


    45. Zyugy zarc

      13:25 sounds like lixian added the sounds of charging up and attacking from ocarina of time

    46. Werewolf Gamer

      where is the next video

    47. Maddy Z.

      Hey, are you gonna continue and finish this series?

    48. Katelyn Bear


    49. ARC Cross

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      they need to keep making these.

    51. Panda tuber

      Who else came here to ask when he’s posting sum mor forest

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      This has been a great series! Will you be coming back to this again? I hope!

    53. Real Pizza

      You guys made me wanna play this game, so I played it with my friends and it was so fun! I really want to see Mark continue this series really bad.

    54. RMJI

      Please sir, can I have some more?

    55. Omar Youssef

      Where is my content!!!

    56. RagingRedHead 95

      I haven't seen any new episodes of the forest in a while, so I'm rewatching the playlist 😟

    57. liz the goldfish


    58. MurderMittens01 01

      mark we need more of these plsss with bob and wade

    59. Alyssa Martinez

      Ready for a new episode ugh I love these. Lol feed my addiction

    60. Danielle Morse

      26:52 is really killed me when wade or Bob (I don't sure which) said "catch" to Mark and his reaction 🤣🤣🔥

    61. Green Leaf Plays

      10:58 "Damn boy he THICC!"

    62. Evan Valdiviezo

      Mark you get a lot of support for this series..it's so fun to watch and I don't think it should die

    63. william short

      My boi mark should make some more forest videos with bob and wade. These are awsome.

    64. Carmen Sandve

      So there are no more videos of this then?

    65. Josh Scott

      Hope you finish The Forest and Raft when you get back from filming. Love those series collaborations

    66. Firemaster

      It’s been a month what happened

    67. Madi Dion


    68. OuterChild

      please don't say this died :(

    69. Du Bra

      Where the new Videos? Over 3 million views not good enough?

    70. Thomas Fancher

      A sequel to this game is coming out in May if you would make a new series!

    71. T Dog

      3:53 Good deal!

    72. Jeffrey Lee

      To everone asking where the next part is, there isn't one. These are all edited from their streams they do once a week together, the end of this video was the last time they streamed this game, They streamed a few times since but didn't play this game, this game is most likely not being continured.

    73. PhantomWolf

      I suck at it so anyone has an idea of the recap audio settings done to make it sound similar to that? Kinda like it

    74. Andre burdick

      When will next be released

    75. Gaben PvP

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      1 month and 18 days have passed...I'm addicted help

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      Is this series discontinued or on a hiatus?

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      I wish they would continue this

    80. OMG Gaming!

      when next vid

    81. ImagineWagons444

      so dead playthrough

    82. Harry Young


    83. Flamewing

      I had an ad for vegan burgers pop up on this playthrough and tbh I think that's funnier to me than anything else right now 😂

    84. PandaKing789

      Finish series

    85. trevis barron

      We need more!!!!

    86. Brody Donaldson

      Is there going to be more episodes or are they done well they not done but bord of it

    87. Nagini Momoiro

      Now Mark, You got to play Green Hell with the same trio on the hardest mode and you guys will suffer >:)

    88. Kyle Freed

      Next video!!!

    89. Kakashi Hatake

      The Compass puns are amazing

    90. LUIZ GAMER BS ツ

      Make more The Forest videos :(

    91. Zoleka Bushula

      When are they going to play this game again

      1. Ultra 64 Archive

        Tbh I'm disappointed I know mark probs have a good reason but I wish there was more episodes I loved it so much :(

      2. Yura Fadeev

        Never probably

    92. Darkspaders


    93. Alora Stacy

      we need moreeeeee

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      I binged this series and now I can't wait for the next episode. Come back from canada and film the forest!

    95. Mitch Snowball

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      1. Mansur estes

        Kylo Ren?

      2. Regal Rik

        @Felix S more more more more more more

      3. Felix S

        more more more more more

    96. My Good Trick

      Hey Markiplier theres actually gun parts that are under the ground you should up in google to find gun parts

      1. My Good Trick

        Otherwise you wont complete the game easily

      2. My Good Trick

        And btw mark you do need the *better axe*

    97. Destany Aoki

      I need another video mark. I love these!

    98. Silver Devil

      idk why they think they're going to escape with a boat lol

    99. Celestial floofZ

      Geez your running out of stuff I wonder why maybe it is because you are literally it on the story

    100. Micheal Wilson

      markkkkkkk play morreeeeeeeeeeee