You’re too late...


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    You’re too late...
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    1. Panda47

      It's at 37:10 Thank me later

      1. Ellis Simmons


      2. Carmen

        I hate you

      3. Maria Roberts


      4. talkingpurplecamera

        There is one at 45:45

    2. jack is meme-ish

      You see we live in a society :awesome:

    3. Richard Phipp


    4. Mac Man


    5. 2012Nooby

      Darkplier U there?..

    6. Shadowgaming

      Is it sad that i acturly watched the hole thing 1☹

    7. THE BOSS11


    8. Dima Aks

      Just play with a neighbor kid! Neighbor kid:

    9. Old Sport

      So this is What happened after the end of [deleted Channel]

    10. DarkBlade Plays

      I kid you not this freaked the devil out of me (pun intended)

    11. Miguel Neumann

      Is markilply okay? He wasted 1 hour of hes life i hope he is okay

      1. Alec Pettigrew

        You mean he got to chill for an hour, then put an edited video on the internet to get paid for it?

    12. BeenThere DoneThat

      scared the shit outta me

      1. Katie Brooks

        Me to buddy me to

    13. Enola Candelaria

      Flashbacks of when I was 9 and my parents made me go stand in the corner for an hour

    14. sharingan drawer

      I think he edited it or the editer edited to be endless for an hour

    15. INKLYNE Productions

      😂 he really just did that didnt he?

    16. Only Rhix


    17. Just Peach

      I love this uneasy unsettling horror compared to jumpscares left and right

    18. Adam Michalik

      My god that was scary as hell is he ok ???????

    19. Jeeaz Houz

      Ok someone tell me what the heck just happened.

      1. e e

        You're to late...

      2. TheAgop

        You're to late...

    20. BaconHairBoy Oof

      37:10 This is Scary 45:45 Another Scary One 33:32 There Scary More 35:29 New Scary One

    21. cxmxcss

      50:54 scared me

    22. ZiHao Zhou


    23. Sakura Flower

      Where was the card tho??? 😭 ik im too late to redeem I just really wanna know how someone saw it and where it was

    24. Jude Caudeville

      Did Mark actually just stand there for an hour 😂.

    25. Blue lemon Wolf

      mark you good buddy?

    26. Terrorbite

      Found footage of mark being fucking weird

    27. JT Eanes

      Shit! I wanted to that gift card too. I just wasnt available when it was uploaded 😥

      1. Troy Simpson

        was there really a gift car?

    28. TheJoker666Gaming

      Markiplier you sir know how to be scary an crazy hell you might be crazy but i digress i love you man ill be here until your long gone

      1. Apple Chantal For Jiroem Elpidio Padama

        It’s not scary

    29. SaxonUltra TV


    30. Johnny MC

      Marks Head by making this vid: "Did i buyed enough turkey for the barbecue at weekend? yeah i did... did i? hmm i probably forgot the curry dip. god damn i have to go back to the supermarket and get some" And other stuff nearly like this :D

    31. Devin Nocterum

      damn that still made me jump, thanks tho

    32. Discord Man King Of Discord

      Are you ok? because if you're not. "Stop it, get some help."

    33. Eden Vixie

      So... is everyone just now watching this?

    34. Djalu Yudhistira

      37:10 and 45:49 ..... Thank you

    35. Certified Goth Ihop Employee

      I am very concerned

    36. Moto Jimmy

      Only Mark can do a vid like this.....

    37. LuliLand :3

      "You're too late..." I'm always late,I breathe in time because it's automatic

    38. Nataninko

      seems like Mark doesn't really need to upload regular videos for us to be interseted and watch them.

    39. Firefly Aex


    40. Mikalnort Uchiha

      one hour with Darkiplier.

    41. RewenEMP

      What...what is this?

    42. just some gacha kid

      My mind on a test :

    43. Adam Swiggity Swooty


    44. Triqqxy

      i needed this

    45. Michael Kugley

      SO ur telling me he just did this for 1hr

      1. EmiliaMile Blender

        I think so

    46. Anonimo 0208

      Hm, excuse me. Yeah, hm, what in the actual fu@k?

    47. Skyler Anthony

      Anyone worried about our homie mark some dont seem right here

    48. EliteSithMaster

      Don't forget at 45:39 as well.

    49. Kinetic

      Mark I can't believe you abandoned Rain World in 2017 that game is a goddamn masterpiece and I can't believe you slept on it wth go back and play the game!

    50. Justin Pangus

      wtf XD

    51. Elextric

      Hm mark is losing his sanity. I’ll just laugh at him

    52. PuppetsVille

      From the creators of don't blink and don't move.

    53. Shouta Aizawa

      what a heart attack my dude

    54. The muffin Seed

      What the?!?

    55. Nutter ButterCentral

      Why. Just why.. out of all the things you could be doing you film yourself watching the corner for an hour. I need answers.

    56. EmmaBGames

      Commitment to the bit.

    57. Zane Schroeder

      imagine Blair witching in the corner for an hour

    58. HipPenguin 7540

      Let me guess u ate a bunch oh pop tarts again, didn’t you?

    59. ツGachaNoob

      Why you always do shit like this tho dude!?

    60. Dornner Bull

      I feel like a monster that needs to have an exorcist

    61. Bloomy l

      creepy unsettling shit I ever seen in this channel. Mark are u okay? why do I feel like this got to deal with "The Edge Of Sleep"

    62. Serena browne

      ummm Mark u alright? (also anyone else just impressed at how long he just stood there? reminds me of when I was in timeout, my legs started hurting after half and hour)

    63. Danelle Simons

      its at 52:00 ur welcome

      1. LazyBum Chum

        @Shouta Aizawa the original title was something along the lines of “I’ve hidden a 5$ Amazon gift card somewhere in this video”

      2. Shouta Aizawa

        what is?

    64. Sabrina Iplier

      Anyone wanna talk about 11:09 or.....

    65. Gazed

      Hey Mark, thanks for the free white noise!

    66. HH - 03JE 883117 Sherwood Mills PS

      What is this

    67. Sanana Tea

      yea this is definitely a fever dream.

    68. Khristine Butler

      we are watching big brain Mark"s GeNiUs process . He stands motionless in a dark room deciphering the voices in his head facing a corner. The GeNIUs part is he just got paid a lot of money by getting us to sit here watching him stand motionless in a room for an hour . Mark is one of the biggest brained people I know.

    69. emma

      at least hes breathing

    70. Andrew Darkin

      his legs gotta be tired

    71. Guerra

      Mark, I know this was 4 days ago, but are you okay? Legitimate question...yeeeaaahhh.

      1. Jan V.

        dunno man

    72. Yolanda Lara


    73. TidalWaveKitty

      Mark, aren't you driving yourself more crazy by banishing yourself to the corner for so long?

    74. Yet AnotherSonicFan

      is this what paranoia feels like?

      1. Yet AnotherSonicFan

        @Terminally Radical oh no, I actually have severe PTSD from childhood abuse, this was just a joke this pales in comparison I was just trying to get likes from being witty and relatable

      2. Terminally Radical

        you saying this implies you have never felt paranoia. Regardless I can sure say it kind of is.

    75. artoftherowan

      Hi yeah, pardon me but what the actual hell just happened.

    76. IsaiahBaxter Vlogs

      This comment section is dry no one mentions where the card is actually at like even after it says too late I want to know where the card is still just to find it

    77. ExecutiveO

      Did anyone actually find the $2 amazon gift card?

    78. PholyGoon

      oh, this is reassuring totally

    79. Kenya the Clam

      This gives me Marbel Hornet vibes!!

    80. Liam Robertson

      That was- an experience.

    81. AbraCaldabra

      Mark has literally gone insane and I'm lovin it

    82. Stacy Zeigler

      am I the only one who thinks this is a little scary and what does it mean by you're too late and is mark okay??

      1. True

        Original title was "I hid a 2$ Amazon gift card somewhere in this video" And someone found it.

    83. Zach Jackson

      56:20 did anyone else see the little guy in the mirror?

      1. Bobberman

        Oh... welp, time to never own mirrors ever again

      2. ً

        oh man that gave me chills down my spine man

      3. Dylan Aryeetey

        Which one

      4. Loren Herrerias

        Where’s the mirror?

    84. Peter Parker

      Everyone who is too late : 👁👄👁

    85. Nae Nae


    86. karen springer

      Oh, this reminds me of how my dad grounded me when I was younger, he would just leave me staring at a wall for hours

    87. milk b0ttl3

      why is everyone here now this was 5 days ag0

    88. icebear volvo

      I sleeping to this XD am I wierd?

      1. Luca Streams


    89. RL Scar

      Me: (struggles to get one view) Mark: (stairs at a wall) Everyone: YES

    90. Daryl Jones

      He wants to get out...

    91. Quantez Roberts

      The freak are u ok

    92. Mochaq

      fun fact: there was a already claimed amazon gift card

    93. Mélanie Dulude


    94. AwesomeAlex500

      Mark... are you okay?

    95. abbyoe

      u ok bro u wanna talk...lmao

    96. Symbiotic GamerZ

      Uh ok it looks like Markiplier is slowly losing his sanity, lets motivate him with a controlled shock.

      1. Sara PlaysRoblox

        i agree. let's give him a controll shock

    97. Bella chadwick

      Okay mark timeout is over, you’re freaking me out now.

    98. Bubbles de boy

      dude you stud there for an hour

    99. danfm1

      best video you ever made tbh

    100. CallMehLily