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    Write in the comments the exact time when you liked the video. Last person to like wins.
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    1. Abelielle

      You know in Doki Doki Litterature Club!, when your mouse goes automatically toward the Monica option?... Well, it's happening right now with the thumbs up... IS MARKIPLIER A COMPUTER PROGRAM?

    2. Bite Mondura


    3. Bc Games

      Mark i'm gonna like the video if you heart the comment, if u heart the video i'll lose and you will win. until then i will not like the video....

    4. Haadiplier

      Been 2 weeks, still staying STRONG

    5. Hon H20

      Ngl I lost within the first 3 seconds

    6. Ashley Sparrow

      I literally pressed the like button before the video even started, lol

    7. Diabloid

      I speedrun liking this at Canada % AKA 1:05

    8. CHICKENBUTT !!!

      Mark you failed with me.... I'm leaving my mark here.

    9. Bob Ross

      Day ten of not liking this video

    10. derDere

      I disliked at 0:32 just to troll him

    11. NDNG - Prenses memet Gaming Oyunda Hane TV

      Day 9 of me trying to not liking this video everyday for my entire life

    12. Kaguya Sama

      I lost before the video even started 😭

    13. HOrdonia

      Time I failed at: 3:09 AM in Thursday, 6 May 2021

    14. Genral Clash

      Anyone else wondering how thin the walls in the hotel is?

    15. Simonsaysgaming

      I’ve saved this to my watch later. A reminder.

    16. Genral Clash

      The guys who disliked the video are on a whole other level.

    17. crispy cleen

      This is the first day I've watched this video. - Each time this video finds me again, I will record the date / status. Date: 5.6.21 Status: I have not liked the video. I also did not fall for the high-five trick.

    18. master


    19. Goatsie Dotexe


    20. GN 7

      10:09AM 6/5/2021

    21. wolvok Momon


    22. Abstrakt Art

      As soon as I saw this video 11:20

      1. Abstrakt Art

        That’s when I lost

    23. random piano guy


    24. Vyx Lunari

      I like you Markiplier. I like your videos. I even like this video. But you challenged me. I will not press the like button on this video. (Disclaimer: I will still leave a comment which likely gives you the same attention in the algorithm anyway, but that wasn't the challenge.)

    25. dakota123422

      2 weeks later still haven't liked this video

    26. Casidhe Gerish

      this giving me 2001 space odyssey vibes for some reason

    27. BrielleyBear

      This is honestly inspirational

    28. LightSkinHommie

      5/6....1:35 am while rolling up I saw this and couldn’t fight the urge

    29. Philip Mutegi

      It's fascinating how Markiplier can speak about how you will like the video for 17 minutes straight, slowly driving into insanity.

    30. alexander5

      My liked liked video playlist already has 500 videos, so I’m not going 1000

    31. Mr.Lightning72

      00:00 I liked during the ad

    32. ClOud1076 Gaming

      He won. I liked the video at 1:20 pm Philippine Standard Time

    33. Raspberry Donut

      I will never like this video

    34. Alucard

      Day 13 of not liking this video


      I liked when the video was loading

    36. MangaKeri

      May 6, 2021 12:07 AM I would've "lost" sooner, but I was waiting to watch this later XD

    37. Nichole BJD

      I literally went out of my way to find this video just to dislike it

    38. james blackwell

      Disliked... I shan't be challenged

    39. DarklordDax

      I like it during the ad

    40. Idk Man 123

      I set an alarm for this day every year for the next five years to come back to this video.

    41. GENERAL LEE7601 smoke sesh channel

      I’ll bet you I wont

    42. GENERAL LEE7601 smoke sesh channel

      You wanna bet money

    43. TurtleUSA

      Wait what if I like then unlike the video does that count

    44. Demitre Ellis

      May 5, 2021 at 11:10 PM CT lol

    45. iheartbinary

      See you at the end

    46. ReyTiger 2019

      Day 13: I passed

    47. Chance Card

      I lost the game. (Not the liking the video thing, but if you know, you know)

    48. Rainingtacos31

      Me screaming for my life at the end of the world when millions of terrible things are happening and a meteor is flying right at me when suddenly mark appears and destroys the meteor and says in a deep dark psychotic voice “you know what you have to do” and I like the video and suddenly there is that meteor and I hear “I told you you would fail”

    49. Shelbis ahhaha

      Wednesday may 5th 11:48 I fucking failed.

    50. just some gacha kid

      Bet. I'll like in 5 years. 🙂

    51. FlourToast

      I liked the video before it loaded I felt threatened severely by the thumbnail

    52. Shaylah Harrison

      I like the video in 0:01

    53. SakuraReaper

      If I come back to this video years later, then I will like it. Until then though, no like

    54. Nym

      marks schnoz in this video is so much bigger than any other of his videos. What

    55. wayyninho

      0:08 I got into the habit of liking the videos before I put it in full screen, otherwise I forget to...

    56. OrutraGoldenFFS

      05/05/21 lost

    57. Luma_Vahllen

      So if you win when we like, what happens when we dislike?

    58. M_C20

      i liked it at 9:10 5/5/2021

    59. Undead_ Dread

      Markiplier:slowly going insane Me:*starts sweating trying not to like

    60. Kristi Robinson

      I disliked it

    61. Beefcake Boy

      Its been a week, still havent liked this video. Lets see how long i can last boys

    62. cheezitcoon

      "You Will Like This Video" yup

    63. Rabdi Idk :/

      I changed my mind, when i liked the video i instantly un liked it, *I will promise i will like this video for after 2 years MARK MY WORD*

    64. Natafui

      I refuse

    65. VekryOT

      Joins the video and IMMEDIATELY likes it 0:01

    66. Emily Nabors

      5/5/2021 lol

    67. giveme THE.ŤËĂ.

      The time i liked this video was: never

    68. Suuds

      liked at 0:00 Marky boy

    69. Collector 486

      Like buttons are for the weak.

    70. ban7n2

      Ha I didn't like...oh wait

    71. 482k7

      i'm currently at the beginning of the video and i'm already pondering that dislike button but i'm waiting for a loophole update: just finished the video, disliked at 3:59AM GMT+3

    72. CaseyPlayz

      What if I don't?

    73. asimo dodo

      yea man,i like it

    74. Yami

      7:59PM on 5/521 litterly first 2 seconds of the video

    75. JayyzaGoat

      I will make a commitment that in 20 years I will come back to like this video on may 5 , 2041.... see you guys later👋

    76. Cheyenne Robinson


    77. ItsNotNormal

      The 11k people who disliked: hahahaha I have no weakness!

    78. Human that exist

      a few weeks ago Idk

    79. Charlize Kate Abac

      Published: 4/21/2021 Watched: 5/5/2021 PST Wish me luck.

    80. Sam Dorminy

      1:34 05/05/2021 I failed just to be nice! Also hi everyone!

    81. Deyv Gamer

      Yep, i already lost, just ignore me. Lol.

    82. emilys hangout

      dislike >:)

    83. Justice Meade

      One week baby

    84. Anastasia Smith

      1week 😅

    85. Dingus

      I will like this video when you and EEF bring back Unus Annus full time.

    86. Luca Streams

      why doesn't this video has 2 million likes?

      1. PoofyHairGuy

        It will, eventually.

    87. •Toxic_Duck•

      I’m going to forget this video, I have a very small memory

    88. sun of a beach

      who else hit the like button

    89. Hollow Quill

      Im not a loser is just sneezed

    90. Bored Kitsunefuck

      Idk if I commented or not but its been 13 days since I watched this video. I still haven’t liked it yet. I’ll keep updating this comment

    91. Riad Echahbouni

      [•●•] *im a winner bc i didnt like the vid* *O R AM I ¿ ¡*

    92. Musical Dreams

      okay but this feels very [REDACTED], you know? Memento Mori type beat, right?

    93. O'Shea Mathews

      You will never get a like from me Mark.

    94. Landon Solomon


    95. Jack Harman

      When you have enough clout to just post a video of your mental breakdown and get millions of views💩 Fuck me well played I guess here's a like

    96. Random bread

      I failed at 0:00

    97. Joel Pradell Palencia

      Assuming an infinite universe, there's a infinite amount of alternative versions of this same video, and in an infinite amount of those videos there is not a single like on them, and those videos won't get a single like in all their existence. Just think about it. Also, there is an infinite amount of those alternative videos with the maximum amount of likes possible.

    98. ThiccOtaku

      Wed may 5 2021 4:04 pm

    99. Bubbles de boy

      I lost at 3:43Pm 2021-05-05 and at 40 sec into the video Canadian time what ever that is

    100. Flipfire

      After 14 days i was defeated...the video has been liked.